You Won't Believe What KJP Just Said About Biden

When White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre took to the stage on Tuesday, nobody could have guess the utter nonsense that would come from her mouth. KJP proclaimed that Joe Biden was "the best communicator that we have in the White House" during the recent press briefing. Clearly she has failed to consider his lengthy history of gaffes and apparent memory lapses when forming her opinion. After all, Biden has been caught plagiarizing speeches multiple times throughout his career and often appears incoherent or confused during public appearances.

Not only has he struggled to convey information in different settings, from set pieces to impromptu remarks, but also, he has frequently gone off-script and lost track of what he was originally trying to say. This often leads him into dangerous territory as he is prone to making false claims or unsubstantiated statements. Furthermore, Biden's frequent stumblings over words or mispronunciations not only detracts from his message but also makes him appear incompetent and out of touch with modern language.

REALLY?!?! Are we talking about the same guy?

Despite all this, Jean-Pierre still deemed Joe Biden fit for holding the highest office in America and being "the best communicator." Evidently, her self-esteem must have taken a great hit when people online mocked her straight-faced response. It's difficult to understand how someone could ignore such blatant signs of incompetence and proclaim that Biden is somehow capable of effectively conveying information - regardless of which setting he may find himself in.

Townhall columnist Brad Slager tweeted, "Good for her - the first step is admitting you have a problem."

Steve Guest, special adviser for communications for Republican Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas), tweeted, "The guy can’t utter coherent sentences on a regular basis… but at least he hasn’t called Canada 'Canadia.'"

Jimmy Failla wrote, "KJP says Joe Biden is the best communicator in the White House. And apparently Hunter is the most sober person in the White House."

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