Student Breaks Teacher's Leg During High School Brawl (VIDEO)

About every generation, as we age, insists that society is getting worse by the day. Some insist this is sort of like a rite of passage as we grow older and wiser. But there’s an overwhelming amount of evidence that anyone insisting the moral fiber of society is crumbling may be spot on. Maybe the age of social media is helping to more readily expose things.

Nevertheless, the collective consensus among virtually every age group is things are getting worse everywhere. In the world, especially in the United States, people’s moral compasses are fading, and fading fast. When you look at the last two or three decades, the reasons are clear. The liberal progressive left has continued to push an age of so-called “gentle wokeness.”

But the truth is, we’re advocating for a society without consequences. Radical reforms in the U.S. criminal justice system are letting bad people right back out on the streets. In many instances, things that were once crimes are no longer criminal. Many criminals receive little more than a polite slap on the wrist for breaking the law.

America is teaching its children to be unaccountable. There aren’t any consequences of being a thug. Violent incidents against teachers are increasing at an alarming rate. At Richneck Elementary School in Newport News, Virginia, a six-year-old kid brought a gun to school and shot his teacher.

What in the world could go through the mind of a six-year-old child that made him think it was okay to take a firearm to school and shoot someone? But these types of incidents are becoming all too commonplace. An assault at Heritage High School in Conyers, Georgia, had nothing to do with gun violence.

It had everything to do with an alarming decline in our young people’s sense of respect. Students not only have a startling disrespect for authority; they’re also spurred to act out with violence. A ninth-grade girl at Heritage High School beat her teacher so badly that the student broke the teacher’s leg.

It was only few short years ago that anything like this would have been both isolated and unconscionable. Today, these types of violent attacks are becoming the norm. Reports say the student screamed at her teacher, yelling, “I don’t give a f*** if you’re an adult or not. You’re not going to talk to me that way, you dumb*** b***h!”

The teacher told the girl to get out of her face, but that triggered rage. Despite telling the young girl, “Don’t put your hands on me,” the teacher was attacked. A second video shows the crazed student beating on the teacher, repeatedly striking her until she was finally yanked off her teacher.

The beaten teacher can be heard saying that her leg was broken. This was a terrible incident. However, what’s worse is the idea that it’s becoming an alarming trend across the country. Progressive ideology teaches children of all ages, that it is acceptable to be disrespectful.

Where there is no punishment for bad behavior, bad behavior is encouraged. Until America restores consequences and a sense of accountability for wrongs, it will only get worse. The moral fiber of America’s youth is evaporating at an alarming pace. Is such violent anarchy in our classrooms something we want? It appears the liberal left does.

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