Hellish Chemical Fumes Killing Wildlife...People Are Next

Americans depend on our federal agencies for our security and welfare. We should rightfully expect a level of competence from these important officials. However, countless failures have eroded the public’s trust in many of the most critical institutions. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) bungled the worst public health crisis in over 100 years.

Dozens of the recommendations made by these medical professionals proved horribly wrong. There’s no definable measure of how many thousands of Americans died unnecessarily because of the CDC’s botched COVID response. But there have been numerous other failures by our federal agencies.

The FBI has been politically corrupted at its highest levels. Americans simply do not have trust in the world’s most predominant law enforcement agency. The same goes for the federal agency entrusted with our environment. The EPA has long been a suspect entity, but the recent leftist push over climate insanity has twisted the agency’s ability to handle important issues.

Instead of focusing on the everyday environmental concerns Americans have, the EPA seems to have developed tunnel vision. Nothing happens outside of its newly-concentrated focus on climate change. But that’s simply not reality. Bad environmental things are happening all across the U.S. One just occurred in a small Midwestern community.

However, the environmental catastrophe that happened in East Palestine, Ohio, was actually made worse by horrible decisions by EPA experts. The crisis started on February 3, when a Norfolk Southern Railroad train derailed on its route to Pennsylvania. Officials calculated that a controlled fire was necessary to handle the crash.

But as the smoke spread across the local communities, bad things started happening. This is all despite EPA officials telling people everything is okay. But it’s not. There have been dozens of reports involving dead animals turning up all over the place. EPA official James Justice told news outlets that his agency has been conducting constant air-monitoring tests.

But no one in the regional office is sounding the alarm for residents who need to take drastic precautions. The chemicals on this train are exceptionally dangerous. Vinyl chloride is used to manufacture PVC. It’s highly toxic. The train also had ethylhexyl acrylate on board. Ethylhexyl acrylate is a known carcinogen.

Professor Kevin Crist, the director of Ohio University’s Air Quality Center, confirmed that vinyl chloride is carcinogenic. Breathing the fumes causes cancer of the liver and other organs. The substance not only causes cancer, but it can burn and irritate the skin and eyes. Inhaling it causes uncontrollable coughing and shortness of breath.

The idea that decisions to handle the crisis caused it to be worse is one thing. But telling residents that “all is well” is unconscionable. But it’s a trend. Many of our federal agencies are not only corrupt, but critical health officials are proving totally inept. Sil Caggiano is a hazardous materials specialist.

Caggiano told WKBN, “We basically nuked a town with chemicals, so we could get a railroad open.” Many residents from East Palestine told The Washington Post that they’d suffered deleterious health effects after returning to their homes. But according to EPA officials, everything is fine, and “they’re monitoring the situation.”

These types of things are unacceptable. Until officials hold these people accountable for their ineptitude, it will continue. How many millions of Americans must die before we see changes? But what can anyone do if these agencies don’t want things to change? Americans may be startled to learn that this isn't incompetence but deliberate actions to help destroy a nation.

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