Historic Day for the State of New California

The state of New California has sent delegates to Washington D.C. in order to gain recognition as a new state. The movement for New California began in 2017 and is led by Paul Preston, who is the founder of the New California State Movement. The goal of the movement is to create a new state out of parts of existing states that are not currently represented in Congress or in presidential elections.

The delegates from New California are hoping to gain recognition from Congress and the President so that they can become a fully-fledged state with all the rights and privileges that come with it. They are also hoping that their efforts will help bring attention to the issues facing rural communities across America, such as lack of access to healthcare and education, poverty, and environmental degradation.

The delegates have been meeting with members of Congress and other government officials in order to make their case for recognition as a state. They have also been speaking out about their cause on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. In addition, they have held rallies and protests around the country in order to raise awareness about their cause and garner support from citizens across America.

The delegates from New California believe that if they can gain recognition as a new state, then they will be able to better serve their constituents by providing them with more representation in Congress and having more influence over policy decisions at both the federal and local levels. They also hope that this will lead to increased economic opportunities for rural communities across America, which could help reduce poverty levels nationwide.

Although it remains unclear whether or not New California will be successful in gaining recognition as a new state, it is clear that its delegates are passionate about their cause and determined to make sure that rural communities across America get the representation they deserve in government decisions. It will be interesting to see how this story develops over time and whether or not New California will eventually become an official part of our nation’s landscape.

I really do like this idea of splitting the state and in fact, I really think that other states should follow suit. I think that if there are certain areas that are above a certain population, then they should be forced to become their own state. This would apply to cities like New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Dallas...as you can see, cities that just aren't quite known for their safety. They're normally run by the worst liberals in the country and have far too much sway in voting for everyone else in the state. It's never fair to let the people in a tiny area make the decisions for everyone else in the state.

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