Trump Attorney Comments On Case

Former President Donald Trump's lawyer, Chris Kise, expressed his opinion this week that Democrats used criminal cases against Trump as a means to keep him off the campaign trail. Kise made these remarks during a recent interview with Fox News host Jesse Watters.

According to Kise, the Democratic party is claiming that Trump is a threat to democracy, but in reality, they are the ones abusing their power in the justice system to influence the outcome of elections. He believes that the trials facing Trump are all part of a pattern and may not even have the goal of winning the cases. Kise stated, "I'm not even sure that they really care what the outcome was...It's the goal to drain the President's time, focus, and resources while magically President Biden is out of the basement campaigning."

Kise also spoke about the toll that being in the courtroom takes on a person, stating that it can be draining. However, he believes that Trump is a resilient individual and will withstand the pressure. He also stated that the Democrats have Trump where they want him, on trial, while President Biden is free to campaign.

The attorney also added that the Democrats have two ways of influencing human behavior- by inspiring it or manipulating it. He believes that Trump inspires people, but the Democrats have realized that Biden may not have the same effect, hence resorting to manipulation through legal cases. Kise stated, "They're using the weapon that they have, the power of these court cases...I've never seen any one defendant face multiple cases in multiple jurisdictions all at the same time."

Kise also brought attention to a recent court hearing where the validity of President Trump's $175 million cash bond was questioned, stating that it was a waste of time and resources. He believes that this is all part of the Democrats' plan to drain Trump's focus and resources while giving President Biden the opportunity to campaign.

Kise's statements bring to light the political motivations behind the trials facing Trump. While the Democratic party may claim that they are seeking justice, it seems that their main goal is to keep Trump from the campaign trail and give President Biden an advantage.

The multiple cases and hearings facing Trump have been a constant presence in the news, with each one attracting significant media attention. However, Kise's comments raise questions about the true intentions behind these cases and their impact on the political landscape.

It is important to note that while Kise is Trump's former lawyer, his statements are not baseless. As a seasoned attorney with over 30 years of experience, his insights into the legal system and its political implications are valuable in understanding the current situation.

As the trials continue, it remains to be seen what the ultimate outcome will be for Trump, and how it will impact the upcoming elections. However, Kise's statements have shed light on the potential political motivations behind the trials and have sparked further discussions on the fairness and impartiality of the American justice system. Only time will tell the true intentions of the Democratic party and the impact it will have on the future of American politics.

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