Woke Teacher Brags about Indoctrinating Students, Makes Them Pledge Allegiance to Pride Flag

Ordinarily, darkness and evil hide in the shadows. Invariably, bad people with bad intentions will avoid being noticed. That’s because honest, good people will denounce evil. But what happens when the good people in the world choose to look the other way? What happens when darkness and evil aren’t condemned?

We can see clear examples of what happens throughout history. Evil festers, and the consequences are usually horrific. The world needs only look back to the early 1930s to recount one of the worst examples of people looking the other way as evil and darkness happened. When good people are silent in the face of evil and darkness, it’s just as bad.

Failing to denounce horrible people doing horrible things simply emboldens them to do more. We need to look no further than America today. Our nation is at a dangerous turning point. People with vile and disgusting ideas are being allowed to spew their evil with little or no pushback. Too many people are afraid of offending them.

It’s a mindset fostered by the all-inclusive, “woke” culture. This twisted ideology says everyone is good, even those who are horribly evil. They insist that evil is actually good. That’s not true. It is likewise dangerous. When evil and darkness are not met with consequences, they grow and fester. Evil and darkness are running rampant in the United States.

A political ideology has morphed into a societal assault on the good. It is an attack on the cultural norms that maintain a free society. The radical progressive left insists that everyone who denounces the bizarre, the repulsive, and the evil in America is the problem. They are not. Radicals are trying to tell us that a man can be a woman; just by saying it is true.

It is not. Not only is this senseless, it defies scientific fact. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. Now, radical leftists are encouraging children to harbor their sinister beliefs. These sick people are twisting children’s minds into believing that what they say is true. It is not. Confusing young minds into thinking they should do horrible, irreversible things to their bodies is plain evil.

To brainwash the youngest among us into believing that their bizarre ideas are okay, these horrible people are teaching these ideas in our schools. Thousands of these sick radicals have infiltrated our educational system. They are spreading lies and filth to our most vulnerable. They are indoctrinating our children.

There have been videos of teachers boasting about tricking children into pledging allegiance to the gay pride flag. Even those with unusually queer lifestyles have the right to believe what they want in America. But allowing them to brainwash young minds into believing their lifestyle choice is anything but strange is wrong. It’s indoctrination.

Likewise, not calling out this deceitful behavior is equally wrong. These twisted attempts to manipulate young minds are happening all across the country. Teachers are exposing children to perverted drag shows and gay camps to indoctrinate them into believing that this weird, perverted lifestyle is acceptable. It is darkness.

But usually, good people will push back against the darkness. Evil and darkness are cowards. When faced with resistance, they invariably cower in embarrassment. The radical left, on the other hand, is using threats and intimidation to silence the good. If it’s allowed to continue, the consequences will be unspeakable. Turning a blind eye to evil is to become an accomplice to it.

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