New Racist Student Club at Elementary School Says “No White Kids Allowed!”

It’s truly aggravating when someone complaining about a problem is actually the problem. What’s even more irritating is when these same individuals blame everyone else for the problems they’re causing. For decades, America has struggled with racism. It most certainly existed, and at some level, it still exists today.

But if you listen to the radical progressive left, racism in America is raging. White supremacy is running rampant throughout our society. Every white American has race phobia. Millions of Caucasian Americans hear these claims or read stories about “systemic racism” and ask themselves, “Where”?

Racism isn’t happening in their neighborhoods. Racism doesn’t even enter their minds unless they hear some far-left parrot spewing the same tired racial narrative. America has battled for many years to heal its racial wounds. We’ve been remarkably successful. Ethnic diversity comes with different cultures and different ways of living. It’s human nature.

But Americans of all colors and creeds predominately live in racial harmony. Racism in America is a fictional narrative pushed by the same people who insist racism is systemically rooted in our culture. It’s not. These self-absorbed elites must drive a wedge between people of different skin colors. They want a society filled with hatred and fear, just like them.

The only way they can push their sick agenda is to target the largest portion of the U.S. population, white Americans. It’s the foundation of critical race theory. Americans of one color are terrible people today because a few other people of the same skin color made some mistakes in the past.

It’s a senseless theory. But to make it work, these people must insist that all the other people of color are oppressed victims. They’re not. Many of them know it. Those who are ignorant of the scheme are those who have been dubbed by the left-leaning mainstream media. With the parrots in the media telling the country we’re all irretrievably racist, it wouldn’t enter people’s minds.

But the radicals have a strategy. That’s why critical race theory was and is still being pushed in many of our schools. If the radical left can brainwash children into believing that everything in life depends on the color of their skin, they will have instilled a sense of racial fear in generations to come. It’s a revolting idea, but it’s happening in schools all across the nation.

Despite many Republican-led states pushing back against critical race theory, deep blue lawmakers are using school systems to foster racial division. At one elementary school in the state of Washington, school administrators have approved a new student club. Centennial Elementary School in Olympia is where the club is being created.

In an email from the school principal, she informs parents that “we have a 5th grade BIPOC student group that meets weekly during their lunchtime.” But the notice from school principal Shannon Ritter clearly bans white children from participating. This is old-style segregation.

The same radical progressives that scream racism are helping to build racial walls in our children. Parents in the Centennial School District are outraged. One parent said, “My son came home and said that they came into the classes, and they were promoting this and talked it up to the students. But then he found out that since he was white, he wasn’t able to participate.”

But this incident is not isolated to one school. In Democrat-dominated school districts across the country, these same types of brainwashing policies are being used to divide our children. But isn’t it rather ironic that those who scream the loudest about a perceived problem are the ones who are causing the problem? There’s a word to describe that. It’s “hypocrite!”

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