BOOM! Another Senator Endorses President Trump for 2024 Election

The U.S. is less than one year away from the first 2024 presidential primaries. A potential battle for the Republican nomination will begin in Iowa. There could potentially be a number of strong individuals vying for the GOP nomination. However, to date, only one individual is officially running. That is, of course, President Trump.

In virtually every poll, President Trump either leads or is neck and neck with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Most predict the field will be eventually reduced to these two candidates. Notwithstanding a series of bizarre events, Governor DeSantis and President Trump look to be the Republican Party’s leading horses to retake the White House.

There’s also a growing inclination that the winner of this dogfight will ultimately be an odds-on bet to win the presidency. But as the 2024 presidential race unfolds, key endorsements will be critical. Since voters often follow the lead of their elected congressmen or congresswoman, these endorsements can prove to be extremely instrumental in a tight race.

Endorsements from U.S. Senators are exceptionally strong indicators of how well a candidate may perform in a particular state. Before any other Republican has even entered their hat in the 2024 race, President Trump has secured five Republican Senate endorsements. Recently, he added Oklahoma Republican Senator Markwayne Mullin.

Mullin became the fifth senator to endorse President Trump for a third run at the White House. The freshman Oklahoma senator joins fellow Republican Senators Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Eric Schmitt of Missouri, Tommy Tuberville of Alabama, and J.D. Vance of Ohio. Mullin’s enthusiastic endorsement makes it three freshman senators coming out in support of the former president.

Schmitt and Vance are also in their first six-year terms. As the former president continues to add endorsements, the divide between himself and other potential Republican nominees will grow. Current polls show President Trump holds a substantial advantage over other potential Republican competitors. The only person who seems to have a realistic chance of beating him is the Florida governor.

A DC Enquirer poll conducted between January 19 and 23 shows President Trump ahead of his opponents by a prodigious 35 percentage points. 59 percent of people polled support the 45th president’s bid for a second, non-consecutive term. Other polls also reveal that President Trump has a healthy lead in the popular vote against Joe Biden.

This could prove important since Republicans haven’t won the popular presidential vote in numerous cycles. It’s still very early, but the growing number of senatorial endorsements is an early sign that the former president has strong support from within the Republican Party. As well, Joe Biden continues to fumble and bumble his way through his presidency.

In the event of a rematch, President Trump looks to be a solid early favorite. But the toughest battle may not be the presidential election itself. Two colossal figures seem destined to face off in the GOP primary. Endorsements aside, this looks to be the race that will determine who is inaugurated as the 47th President of the United States on January 20, 2025.

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