Tucker Carlson: Unexplained Fires, Crashes, and Shortages Point to an Elite Plan for World Control

Many people shrug off talk about a push for an elite global world order. Most individuals who insist, even with starkly revealing evidence, that such nefarious ambitions exist are denounced as crazy conspiracy theorists. But are they? Is there truly a secret agenda by a few ruling class elites to create a “New World Order” with totalitarian control over all life and wealth?

There are experts who insist that this is the sole objective of the United Nations. They want a single global government. But there’s always been a big obstacle in their way. That obstacle is people. There are simply too many of them scattered across the globe. One might rightfully assume that a key step in securing a global world order would be to reduce the number of people.

Carving off a few thousand humans wouldn’t scratch the surface. The strategy would have to be to reduce the population in huge chunks, say, a few million at a time. When you consider that many experts believe the deadliest global pandemic was deliberately triggered, this is an intriguing theory.

Then, you force people to take an experimental drug, which creates more health risks, all the while continuing to eliminate people in mass. Sure, it will take someone stepping forward; putting their own life in danger, to announce what has been difficult to prove thus far. But there are other signs of a collective drive to orchestrate a global takeover of society.

One quick way to reduce the global population would be to starve people to death. But how could that ever be accomplished without causing a global uprising? One way would be to insist that there’s nothing we can do about it. It’s all a big accident created by ongoing global circumstances. Sort of like a deadly virus that “supposedly” evolved naturally from a bat.

Again, most people would immediately denounce the idea as a crazy conspiracy. But is it? During a recent segment on his nightly primetime show, Tucker Carlson laid out a series of disturbing facts that point to such a crazy notion being real. The highly popular host asked, “Why we’re paranoid about the American food supply?”

Carlson’s questions could easily be expanded to include the entire world. He made an astonishing connection between food shortages and the unexplained chicken shortage. Is it all simply a coincidence? Carlson thinks not. He began by discussing a speech by Joe Biden last March.

During a press conference in Brussels, Biden talked about the sanctions he was imposing against Russia for invading Ukraine. Biden insisted that these sanctions were “morally necessary,” but they might also cause food shortages. Biden said the shortages would spread around the world, including in the United States. He said, “It's going to be real.”

What did Biden mean when he said, “It’s going to be real?” There didn’t appear to be any sense of panic in Biden’s voice. The leader of the free world was essentially predicting a world where starvation would soon become the norm, even in the United States. Biden spoke with cavalier casualness. It got even worse.

Biden said he spoke with a group of so-called European allies about “how we could increase and disseminate more rapidly food shortages.” These comments weren’t made up by some wild-eyed conspiracy nut. They’re on tape. We understand that Joe Biden has a fascinating penchant for saying some pretty stupid things. But these comments were orchestrated.

He was reading from a scripted message. What Joe Biden said wasn’t a mistake. The President of the United States announced to the world that he and other world leaders had pledged to increase food shortages. We’d assume these types of disturbing announcements would be big news. However, not a single news organization covered the bizarre comments.

But as soon as a small minority sounded the alarm, Biden’s comments were denounced as “false news.” There wasn’t anything “newsworthy” about them. They were recorded remarks by the leader of the free world. No one created a theory by twisting something someone said. Biden said that world leaders, including himself, would work to increase food shortages.

Shouldn’t someone take notice? But no one did notice, or if they did, they’re not talking about it. As if right on script, a series of bizarre food disasters started to happen. Suddenly, strange things started to happen at food processing facilities across the United States. A suspicious fire destroyed one of the largest organic food processors in the U.S.

Then, two separate private planes crashed into two separate food plants. One hit the General Mills plant in Georgia, and another crashed into a food plant in Idaho. A month before Biden’s eerie proclamation, a boiler fire destroyed a potato processing plant in Oregon. Can all of these strange events be connected, or are they just coincidences?

According to the Biden administration, there isn’t any real data to make a determination. Again, this kind of appears to be a convenient coincidence. Biden's administrators value everything else in this age of woke diversity. Why not keep records of a potentially devastating reduction in the available food supply?

But then there was “the straw that broke the chicken’s back.” An unexplained fire burned a commercial egg farm in Connecticut to the ground. More than 100,000 egg-laying chickens were burned to cinders. It was sad, but equally provocative. Again, virtually every major news network was silent. Wouldn’t an incident that helped drive up egg prices over 100 percent be big news?

Sure it was, but these left-wing, kowtowing liberal networks weren’t about to “let the chicken out of the bag.” The few who did briefly cover the massive fire blamed egg prices and egg shortages on a case of avian flu. But was it? Agricultural experts say it wasn’t. The fire wiped out one of the largest egg-producing businesses in the United States.

By itself, this is not much more than a sad story. But taken collectively with Joe Biden’s somber proclamation and all the other bizarre events that have devastated the American food supply, there’s an obvious series of dots to connect. Carlson made his best effort to connect them. He went on to show some clips of farmers projecting continued food shortages into 2023.

But how could all of these strange coincidences be related? Are there really globalists, and what do they want? The world is struggling with the worst inflation in decades. People are being driven into financial collapse. Energy prices are at all-time highs. Again, a pandemic eliminated millions of people by itself. Vaccines seem to be continuing that eerie cycle.

Now, there are increasingly alarming shortages of multiple human necessities. Food, energy, and water are three things critical to human existence. Without any of these, especially collectively, society will face great hardship. People are going to die. But wouldn’t it be so much easier to control a global society if it were suddenly smaller? It sure would.

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