Russia Issues Urgent Nuclear War Warning as Doomsday Clock Moves Closest Ever to Midnight

In the month of September last year, Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, gave a seven-minute nationally televised address in which he warned the West not to underestimate his country's nuclear threat. “It’s not a bluff” he said, referring to Russia’s ability to defend itself if its territorial integrity was threatened. Putin also accused the West of trying to weaken and divide Russia by encouraging terrorism in the Caucasus region and placing offensive infrastructure near its borders.

In response to this speech, President Trump commented that "this could now end up being World War III." He then claimed that such an outcome would not have occurred had he been president.

Well, that may very well end up being the case.

The Sun reported,

The Kremlin issued a chilling threat of nuclear war today after scientists said humanity is closer than ever to Armageddon.

Vladimir Putin's spokesman warned of "appropriate measures" following the decision to reset the Doomsday Clock at 90 seconds to midnight.

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists cited Moscow's "thinly veiled threats to use nuclear weapons" in their reasons for moving the symbolic clock forward by ten seconds.

It means the world-renowned experts judge the end of the world is closer than at any time in recent history.

Panel member Dr Steve Fetter said: "The risk of nuclear catastrophe is higher today than last year."

In response, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said: "The situation as a whole is really alarming."

He called for a sober appraisal of tensions between Russia and the West over the Ukraine war.

But he blamed the West, claiming there was no prospect of peace based on "the line that was chosen by Nato under US leadership".

Peskov added: "This imposes on us a duty to be particularly careful, to be alert and to take appropriate measures."

To better prepare for any potential nuclear disaster or attack, the World Health Organization (WHO) issued guidance on how governments should stockpile medicines and other countermeasures so they can respond quickly and protect the population from radiation exposure. This list included medicines which either prevent or reduce exposure to radiation, or treat injuries after exposure has occurred. Furthermore, Dr. Maria Neira from WHO expressed her belief that it is essential for governments to be prepared with medical supplies necessary for responding immediately to emergencies where radiation may be present.

Dr Mike Ryan from WHO's Health Emergencies Program also stated that this updated critical medical list will enable partners across different countries to quickly identify, procure, stockpile and deliver effective countermeasures in times of crisis when people are at risk of being exposed to radiation.

Therefore, we can see that both Vladimir Putin's warning about the potential dangers posed by a nuclear threat as well as Donald Trump's remarks on the possibility of WWIII were taken seriously by world leaders and organizations alike who are now attempting to ensure that governments around the world are adequately prepared against such threats through stockpiling lifesaving medications and offerings policy advice on their appropriate management.

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