MIT Professor Calls for Immediate Halt of all mRNA Vaccines

On one hand, it’s reasonable that we should have seen the COVID calamity coming. Most people accept the reality that governments and the bureaucracies they create have problems telling the truth. Many times, there’s a hidden agenda.

But when it comes to the health of the overall population, any logical person would assume this to be an aspect of society where we could expect honesty. If the pandemic has taught the world nothing else, that is simply far from the truth. In fact, the lies spewed by trusted medical professionals and medical experts have been astounding.

But why? It all began early in 2020, when the first cases of COVID were emerging. High-ranking members of the scientific community diverted investigations into the virus’ origin. They lied about the true origins for so long that it’s essentially impossible to pin the source down after three years have gone by.

People were lied to about how effective a hastily approved medicine was in fighting the virus. The highly acclaimed vaccines did little more than prevent highly susceptible people from getting seriously ill. There is a strong indication that the vaccine itself may make certain people more susceptible to variants. Undercover investigators have revealed the possibility that drug companies have been manipulating the virus all along.

Pharmaceutical companies may have altered the genetic makeup of the virus to force people to continually get a new vaccine booster. It’s continued right up to the present moment. Some insist the pandemic is over. Others proclaim COVID as an ongoing peril. Which is it? But the most damaging lies that the medical bureaucracies told people were about the medicines invented to subdue the deadly virus.

First, they insisted that getting vaccinated would provide full protection against the virus. It did not. Then, they told people that vaccinated persons couldn’t spread the virus to others. It did not. According to most reports, the much-lauded COVID vaccines do little more than prevent serious illness and hospitalization in the highly immune and susceptible populations.

But new evidence shows the vaccines may do something else. The vaccine pushed on society may not only be ineffective against the sickness it’s supposed to prevent; it could kill you. Even more alarming than the discovery of multiple vaccine side effects is the revelation that the medical community has worked feverishly to hide them.

The Centers for Disease Control in the United States is one of the leading voices for medical recommendations. However, the CDC has been at the forefront of most of the COVID misinformation. The CDC recommended vaccine mandates, but why? They’re trying to force young children to get vaccinated, despite grave health risks and virtually no benefit. Why?

The German government is now admitting that the vaccines are triggering AIDS-like symptoms in people. Government officials in India have finally admitted to multiple side effects from the COVID-19 vaccines. Lawyers in the United States have exposed a massive cover-up by the FDA.

The FDA’s “sins of omission” have caused an untold death toll from the vaccine. A renowned MIT professor and drug safety analytics specialist has called for immediate action. This isn’t the first time Professor Retsef Levi has warned about the risks associated with experimental mRNA COVID vaccines.

But in light of the growing number of deaths directly attributed to vaccine side effects, the MIT professor is calling for the suspension of all mRNA experimental vaccines. Levi says the risks clearly outweigh the benefits. He produced a video saying, “I’m filming this video to share my strong conviction that at this point in time, all COVID mRNA vaccination programs should stop immediately.”

The professor continues, “They should stop because they completely failed to fulfill any of their advertised promises regarding efficacy.” “And more importantly, they should stop because of the mounting and indisputable evidence that they cause unprecedented level of harm, including the deaths of young people and children.”

People are being put at risk. Governments forced millions of people to get this vaccine. They knew it was dangerous all along. Isn’t this little more than mass murder? If a deranged serial killer murdered dozens of people, what would be the outcome when he or she was finally apprehended? The person would face murder charges.

If they were found guilty, they would be sentenced accordingly. Certainly, the ultimate penalty for taking a human life would be considered. So, what about the crooked bureaucrats who manipulated and twisted science to create and then cover up a deadly pandemic? These individuals killed millions. They committed heinous crimes against humanity!

They knew full well what might happen if their dangerous research went wrong. These so-called medical professionals also knew that the cure they devised might cause great harm as well. Did they openly tell people what they knew to be true? No, they did not. Should the consequences be any different than if they committed premeditated murder? Locking these individuals up for life for the crimes they’ve committed against humanity is too good for them.

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