Rather Returns In Documentary

Former CBS News anchor Dan Rather made a highly anticipated return to the airwaves on Sunday morning in an exclusive interview with CBS correspondent Lee Cowan. It was the first time Rather had appeared on CBS since his bitter exit 18 years ago. The interview comes just days before the premiere of a new Netflix documentary about the 92-year-old newsman's life.

Rather, who spent 44 years with CBS and anchored the "CBS Evening News" for 24 of those years, left the network under controversial circumstances. In 2005, after a botched investigation into then-President George W. Bush's military record, Rather left the network, signing off for the last time on March 9th. He then officially departed from CBS 15 months later when his contract expired.

The investigation into Bush's military record, which questioned its authenticity, ultimately tarnished Rather's reputation. However, he was not solely responsible for the report and did not face any official blame. Many people involved in the story still believe the allegations were truthful, but CBS could not vouch for the documents used in the report at the time. This event led to Rather becoming somewhat of a nonperson at the network, particularly due to his strained relationship with ousted CBS chief Leslie Moonves.

During the interview, Rather expressed nostalgia for his time at CBS, saying, "Without apology or explanation, I miss it." He also described his departure as a "fight with the president of the United States during his reelection campaign," referring to his role in investigating Bush's military record.

When asked about his thoughts on the incident, he shared a conversation he had with his wife, Jean, who said, "You got into a fight with the president of the United States during his reelection campaign. What did you think was going to happen?"

However, Rather did not retire after leaving CBS. He continued to work as an investigative journalist and conducted interviews for the digital cable and satellite network, HDNet. In recent years, Rather has become known to a new generation as a candid and outspoken commentator on social media.

Rather's career is showcased in the new Netflix documentary, titled "Rather," which is set to premiere on Wednesday. The film follows his journey from covering major events such as President John F. Kennedy's assassination, the Vietnam War, and Watergate, to his time as an anchor and beyond.

It also includes some of the more unconventional moments in Rather's life, such as his bizarre encounter with a man who attacked him while saying, "What's the frequency, Kenneth?" and his unexpected onstage appearance with the band R.E.M.

Despite his successful career in journalism, Rather downplays his legacy in both the documentary and the CBS interview. He stated, "In the end, whatever remains of one's life - family, friends - those are going to be the things for which you're remembered." This humble outlook further highlights Rather's focus on the people in his life rather than his professional achievements.

Both the CBS interview and the new Netflix documentary offer audiences a closer look at Rather's life and career, including his controversial exit from CBS. The 92-year-old newsman remains a significant figure in the world of journalism and continues to make his mark on the industry through his honest and upfront opinions. CBS is a unit of Paramount Global Corporation.

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