Mentally Unstable Senator Checks Himself Into Hospital

I really cannot believe that people are so brainwashed that they actually voted for John Fetterman to become a United States senator over Dr. Mehmet Oz. What is it about Dr. Oz that people didn't like? They watched him on tv for decades and now all of a sudden they don't like him? He's a nice guy. I don't agree with him on everything, but still look at his opponent. What they got was a highly mentally unstable son of Frankenstein.

On Wednesday, February 16th, 2023, Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman checked himself into Walter Reed National Military Medical Center to receive treatment for clinical depression. His chief of staff Adam Jentleson said that the Democratic lawmaker had experienced severe depression in recent weeks.

The news of Fetterman's hospitalization has raised questions about whether he should have ever run for senator in the first place. Mental health issues are often overlooked and stigmatized in politics, and many believe that Fetterman should not have put himself in a position where his mental health could be compromised. We also should never have been put in a position where someone with mental issues can make decisions for us. Isn't that bass ackwards to what we normally do?

Depression is a serious mental illness that affects millions of people around the world every year. It can cause feelings of sadness and hopelessness, as well as physical symptoms such as fatigue and difficulty concentrating. It can also lead to suicidal thoughts or behaviors if left untreated.

Don't get me wrong, Fetterman's decision to seek help is commendable, but it raises questions about why he chose to run for office in the first place when he was already struggling with depression.

John Fetterman's story serves as an important reminder that mental health should not be overlooked or stigmatized in politics, while at the same time having enough sense to not elect people like this to begin with. I do wish Fetterman a speedy recovery though.

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