Strange Coincidence One Week Before Ohio Train Derailment

Ever think about how many bizarre things have been happening in our world? There seems to be an ever-increasing number of strange events. If you consider them all together, things are even weirder. Are they all just coincidences? Was it a coincidence that every investigation into a deadly global pandemic was thwarted by an authoritarian dictatorship?

How about the collective Draconian responses by governments all over the world as a result of a virus killing people? And speaking of governments, was it just a fluke that a feeble old man campaigned from his basement during that deadliest health crisis in 100 years and subsequently got more votes than any U.S. presidential candidate in history?

After that remarkable, very suspicious election, this same feeble old man started to wipe out policies in the country that supposedly elected him. Is it a coincidence that Joe Biden slammed the door shut on U.S. energy production at the same time he flung open the door to millions of illegal migrants and deadly illicit drugs?

This same regime drove the U.S. economy into the toilet, burdening Americans with the worst inflation in nearly a half century. Is it just a coincidence that Americans are witness to the worst border crisis ever at the same time they’re enduring the highest gas prices and the worst inflation in more than a generation? We think not.

And then there are the issues with the U.S. supply chain, especially surrounding our food. Does anyone really believe that two small aircraft crashed into two separate food production facilities within weeks? And what about the spike in egg prices? Was it convenience or coincidence when a so-called “bird flu epidemic” started wiping out millions of egg-laying chickens?

Are Americans seriously supposed to buy the canned rhetoric that all of these things are happening by coincidence? More recently, there has been an increase in the number of bizarre train wrecks. One train derailment in particular has taken the country by storm. What happened in East Palestine, Ohio, is as much about the pitiful government response as it is about what happened.

But what really did happen? Was this just another in a strange series of train catastrophes? One farmer from the East Palestine area doesn’t believe so. Bob Moore is a 70-year-old farmer who lives nine miles from the spot where a Norfolk Southern train derailed. The train was carrying a load of highly toxic chemicals.

When the train twisted and mangled itself off the tracks, the chemicals spewed into the local environment. It was an immediate emergency. But that’s not so much what’s troubling Moore, the longtime East Palestine resident. The odd coincidence that caught Moore’s eye happened about one week before the crash.

At first, Moore didn’t think twice about what happened. But in hindsight, he’s asking why local news reports in the area urged residents to sign up for “MyID” to get biometrics tracking reports in the event of an emergency or major disaster. Right on cue, a train hauling dangerous, carcinogenic cargo derails in the middle of town?

Moore said“It was exactly a week before the derailment happened.” “The people were asked to go to the local fire department in downtown East Palestine to get that MyID.” Why would these people want to suddenly monitor things such as heart rate, respiration, and other health-related problems?

WKBN news reported, “The MyID program is ready to roll out in East Palestine.” “It’s a medical information system that helps first responders provide care.” “Emergency responders use a camera phone to access important medical information.” Is this really just a coincidence? How convenient, the authorities encourage everyone to grab a monitoring device right before a catastrophe!

Many, like Moore, do not believe the January 29 release of MyID is a coincidence. He thinks the timing is simply too perfect to be a lucky decision. Combine that with the purposeful burning of the leaked chemicals, and you have a perfect control group ready to test the release of deadly toxins. Are all these just coincidences? Or are they conveniences used for something far more sinister?

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