White Student Forced to Pledge Allegiance to BLM

Last week, Springfield police were called to Kenwood Elementary School to investigate a reported assault that had occurred on the playground during recess last Friday. According to an incident report obtained through a public records request, a group of black students allegedly gathered several white students in one area and forced them to state “Black Lives Matter” against their will. Students who attempted to avoid the situation were reportedly chased down and then dragged or carried to the playground. Furthermore, punches were allegedly thrown at one student for refusing the demand.

Parents of one of the students involved in the incident, Ryan Springer and Ashley Henthorne, expressed their shock when they learned about what had happened. They said that their 12-year-old son had not wanted to return to school since because he was "traumatized" by the event. Additionally, prior to learning about this situation they noticed changes in his behavior but couldn't explain why until they received news of what occurred on the playground. Henthorne stated that this explained a lot as she kept asking him if he was okay over the weekend before being informed of what happened on Monday morning.

The police are currently investigating whether this occurrence should be considered a hate crime. In addition, prosecutors are reviewing any possible formal charges regarding this incident while authorities work with both parties in order to get an accurate understanding of what transpired that day at Kenwood Elementary School. Despite requests from WHIO-TV for footage of this happened, the Springfield City School District refused to share any recordings with them raising questions about whether there is an effort being made to obscure facts relating to this case.

Kids will be kids is what people always used to say, but that's not the way things are today. Indoctrinated hateful kids will also be indoctrinated hateful kids. This is the way that children are being raised today. The next generation is going to be a cruel one, more so than this one. Take the opportunity to remove your kids from public school before it's too late.

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