Ex-FBI Agent Receives Lax Sentence Despite Destroying Evidence

The strength of the American political system is currently more fragile than ever. In order for a democracy to be successful, it must have an impartial and unbiased judicial system. Both the Department of Justice and federal law enforcement are essential pieces of this puzzle, and if either of them become corrupted by political alignments, the security of free democracy will be severely compromised.

In recent years, the United States has been at risk due in part to parties on the liberal left attempting to overthrow two-party rule. This has resulted in some higher-ranking officials within both the FBI and Department of Justice having their objectivity clouded by personal political biases. While most members of these entities are believed to still possess high moral standards, a situation recently occurring in Arkansas may suggest that there is deeper corruption within the ranks of the FBI than originally assumed.

An FBI field agent was just convicted of a criminal activity; however, the sentence issued was surprisingly light considering its gravity. This act has raised questions as to whether there may be further corruption lurking beneath the surface within the organization. If so, it could indicate a greater problem withing America's governmental system as a whole that must be addressed as soon as possible in order to ensure that its citizens remain safe from power hungry politicians and reprehensible groups seeking to stifle freedom and democracy.

It is vital that those who serve our country in positions such as federal law enforcement continue to uphold integrity and justice for all regardless of party or personal opinion - otherwise we risk falling prey to manipulation from those who desire no more than absolute control over us all. We must not forget that healthy democracies depend on ethical leaders possessing strong moral compasses, and should strive always to uphold this principle even when faced with such dire circumstances as they stand today.

Robert Cessario is a former FBI agent. Later this week, Cessario will finalize a plea agreement on felony charges brought by his former employer. Once a member of the FBI, the agency is now prosecuting him for destroying evidence in a political trial.

Cessario agreed to the plea agreement to avoid jail time for purposefully destroying evidence in the trial of former pro-Trump Arkansas State Senator Jon Woods. As with most of the recent bizarre investigations, this one involves a radical liberal Democrat targeting a conservative.

President Trump isn’t the only conservative-minded American who has been falsely accused by a corrupt federal judicial system and law enforcement. Robert Cessario will plead to a single count of obstruction of justice, although multiple charges existed on the original affidavit.

Ironically, for destroying evidence in a felony trial, Cessario will not receive a minute of jail time. The corrupt former FBI agent is going to get a single year of probation. But where is Jon Woods today?

Jon Woods is still sitting in prison, despite admittance by the federal government that they destroyed evidence, which could well have exonerated him. This is another prime example of a crooked, two-tier system of justice.

There’s one set of rules for liberals and another for conservatives. The reason this unhealthy balance exists is because of the rampant corruption within both the Justice Department and the FBI. Many believed the corruption was confined to the upper levels of these vital agencies.

It’s clearly not. Partisan favoritism bleeds throughout both agencies. When the government violates the law, corrupt officials within the agencies cover up the crimes. Even when crimes are exposed, the punishment is laughable.

However, conservatives are prosecuted even when no crimes exist. Criminal charges are fabricated. This is the kind of corruption inherent in rogue third-world dictatorships. If it’s allowed to continue, how long will it be before the United States becomes one? Or has it already?

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