EPIC! Tesla Owner Refused to Pay $22,000 for a Replacement Battery...So He Does This Instead

If you’re excited about the potential of getting a generous “tax incentive” for purchasing an electric vehicle, you should look further into Joe Biden's socialist tax plan. It includes an “EV Incentive” that allows Americans to apply for a write-off on their federal income tax up to $7,500 or up to $12,500 if the vehicle was manufactured by a U.S. union. Additionally, buyers can receive another $500 if the battery powering their vehicle is made in the US as well.

At first glance, this incentive may sound too good to be true. But it actually does exist within Biden's socialist spend and tax plan and could potentially be quite advantageous for some people looking for ways to save money on buying a new car or truck. With such a large savings opportunity available through this incentive, many people who might otherwise be hesitant when it comes to making such an investment may find themselves encouraged by this offer.

Even so, those looking to take advantage of this incentive should understand that it will likely come with additional expenses they may not anticipate. For example, while electric vehicles are known for being economical in terms of fuel consumption compared to traditional cars and trucks, servicing them is often more expensive than regular vehicles due to their complex parts and components. Furthermore, replacement batteries can make up a significant portion of repair costs since they must be replaced regularly as they wear out over time with heavy use or age.

Overall, Joe Biden's EV Incentive could prove beneficial for those researching new electric vehicles and aiming to save money at purchase time. However, prospective buyers should keep in mind that there may be other associated costs involved with owning and maintaining an electric car or truck that could result in higher long-term expenses than initially expected when taking advantage of this tax break opportunity.

For an automobile that runs on battery power, the battery is obviously rather essential. Seems the electric automotive industry appreciates that necessity. One Tesla owner found out just how much they appreciate the importance of a battery in an electric vehicle.

Again, no debate about electric vehicle sticker prices or how much other parts might cost. For one Tesla owner, it was all about the battery. When Tuomas Katainen discovered how much it was going to set him back for a replacement battery, he thought otherwise.

Katainen had a 2013 Tesla S Model. Tesla has a decent warranty for its batteries inside 150,000 or eight years. However, if you keep your electric vehicle past either of those limitations, please be sitting down if you have to replace the battery.

Now, we must also consider that the longevity for electric vehicles is frequently proclaimed as being outstanding. That would seem to indicate a reasonably high probability you’ll have it for longer than the eight-year period.

If you do, and the battery malfunctions, we again stress that you should sit down before seeing the cost of a replacement. To replace a malfunctioning battery in a 2013 Tesla S Model will require you to take out a small loan for $22,000.

Yes, that’s the replacement cost for a battery. Most would find that appalling. Kitainen certainly did. Instead of forking over 22-grand for a new battery, Kitainen chose to make a consumer statement. He turned to a local YouTube group in Jyväskylä, Finland, called Pommijätkät.

Pommijätkät are known to YouTubers as “The Bomb Dudes”. “The Dudes” proceeded to tow the broken down Tesla safely outside city limits. They found an abandoned quarry. This seemed like the perfect location for Katainen to make his statement.

To add some flair to the pending act of defiance, Katainen added a dummy driver inside his Tesla. It was affectionately named “Elon Musk”. The owner of Tesla was perched ceremoniously at the wheel of the S Model. In addition, the car was strapped with 66 pounds of explosives.

Katainen’s S Model Tesla was blasted to that great scrap heap in the sky. Kaboom, no more Tesla. Apparently, Katainen is not the only driver to experience such problems. U.S. drivers also report receiving eye-popping bills to replace faulty batteries.

While Katainen said he thoroughly enjoyed his explosive exploits, some might cringe with financial angst at the thought of blowing up their car. However, this disgruntled Finnish man certainly made an explosive statement.

Just because Joe Biden says he’ll give you a whopping tax incentive for purchasing an electric vehicle, better check the parts catalog first. Either that, or preemptively invest in a few pounds of dynamite. You know, just in case.

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