Biden Giving Away US Sovereignty

Many believe that the U.S. is at an unparalleled time in our nation’s history. It's true, we are. Politically, the country is as divided as we’ve ever been. The United States of America is fighting a battle against an enemy that’s coming from within. However, the political divide isn’t everything Americans are being told it is.

There's a radical push by leftists to completely upend our democracy. They’re using little tricks to convince Americans that we must change. Leftist Democrats insist that our planet is going to suddenly implode if we don’t all go back to driving horses and buggies. Sure, electric vehicles are an option for the wealthy.

The left has also flung open the doors to the country. The Southern border is not secure, but is wide open. But there’s a reason for that as well. Like the push to restrict the ability to freely move about the country, a luxury left only for the rich, liberal leftist policies are overturning the demographic in the U.S.

The plan is to secure enough illegal migrants, allow them to vote, and seize control of every election in the future. Americans will think they’re participating in free and fair elections, but they will no longer be. To prevent anyone from challenging their plans to take over the nation, the left is weaponizing federal law enforcement against its own citizens.

But the left used another weapon against American freedoms. Some believe it was all too convenient that the deadliest health crisis was unleashed upon the world just when Americans were beginning to take back control of our democracy. It wasn’t a coincidence. Like the other deceitful tactics in their arsenal, leftist officials used and abused the pandemic.

But if Americans aren’t paying attention, these radicals are going to seize control over every public health emergency going forward. Joe Biden’s corrupt administration is going to hand over control of pandemic policies to the World Health Organization. This is the same WHO that allowed China to get away with killing millions of humans.

Do we really believe this is a coincidence? Anyone who thinks this is a good idea is a prime candidate to purchase some swamp land. The plan would block the U.S. Congress from having any say in pandemic policies. That means the American people would be silenced. We would be forced to do whatever they said. Freedom of choice would be gone.

Democrats are fighting to make America a single-party, totalitarian society. There will no longer be any reason to vote. The outcomes will all be fixed. An elite group of self-anointed bigots will decide for everyone else. Take a look at what happened during the pandemic to find proof of how this will work out. It will not turn out well. But this is all part of a nefarious plan.

Every single leftist policy is designed to do one thing. Collectively, they are trying to overthrow our democracy. It’s more than just a plan. It is the new far-left progressive agenda. These radical elites are tricking Americans into believing they have their best interests at heart. They do not. These self-absorbed elites want nothing more than power and control. We are at war.

This is a war for freedom. It is a battle that no American of voting age can ignore. Every single U.S. citizen must step forward and be counted. The time for indifference is over. Americans can no longer take our freedoms for granted. There is a dangerous cabal of global elites trying to erase them. The fight for freedom has come to American soil.

However, Americans have one powerful weapon to fight the takeover of our society. It’s our vote. If our great nation fails to exercise the most instrumental part of a free society, we will lose it. Americans must go to the ballot box determined to take back our country. A radical ideology is destroying it. But will we answer the call? If we do not, we will suffer grave consequences.

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