Red State Moves to Ban Dangerous Vaccines

The world has endured the worst public health crisis in more than 100 years. During the more than two years that COVID-19 raged through the population, millions of Americans have died. Hundreds of thousands became ill. However, possibly even worse than the catastrophic death the virus caused is the enormous number of health issues the medicine designed to supposedly cure it has caused.

People who chose to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, many of whom were coerced by the US government, are now experiencing a slew of troubling side effects. The vaccine did help reduce the likelihood of death in the highly immunocompromised, but appears to be having an adverse effect on individuals who really didn’t need the shot at all.

The pharmaceutical companies have peddled a suspect medicine, turning the vaccines into billions of dollars in profits. Likewise, the federal government basically gave them blanket protection against being sued if their vaccines either didn’t work, or actually harmed people. Americans are now finding out the hard way that both are true.

The COVID-19 vaccines, including their booster shots, did not prevent people from catching the virus or from spreading it. But there’s another darker side to the vaccines. More and more evidence is being revealed that the shot may actually produce lifelong health risks for those who get it. Without an ability to sue “big pharma” for scamming the public, what can people do?

One state, on the other hand, isn't waiting for Washington, D.C. to admit they made huge mistakes. In any case, the chances of that happening are almost nil. As a result, Idaho is concentrating its efforts on vaccines, specifically those who administer them. While the U.S. House of Representatives has launched vaccine probes, Idaho’s legislators aren’t waiting around.

A new bill introduced by Idaho lawmakers will make the “administration of experimental mRNA COVID-19 vaccines illegal.” House Bill 154 is co-sponsored by two Republicans, Representative Judy Boyle and Idaho Senator Tammy Nichols. According to KTVB Idaho, Senator Nichols introduced the new bill on February 15 before the Idaho House Health and Welfare Committee.

The bill explicitly states: “A person may not provide or administer a vaccine developed using messenger ribonucleic acid technology for use in an individual or any other mammal in this state.” In other words, giving the potentially dangerous experimental drug is a crime. If passed by the Idaho Congress, House Bill 154 will become effective on July 1, 2023.

An ever-increasing number of medical experts and scientists are insisting that governments must cease COVID-19 vaccination campaigns. They cite a growing number of potentially deadly side effects among patients. However, governments are ignoring this advice.

Why would they do that? Is there something else behind the whole pandemic catastrophe? If you consider that COVID could very well have been triggered on purpose to kill millions of people, adding the vaccine problems makes COVID-19 the most atrocious crime ever committed against humanity.

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