What a Train Wreck! John Fetterman Clearly Has No Idea What He’s Doing (VIDEO)

When a person suffers from a catastrophic health event, such as a stroke, it can be a devastating and potentially life-threatening crisis. It is a tragedy that should be treated with sensitivity and care, as the person may need extensive medical attention and therapy in order to recover.

Unfortunately, in some cases, the victim may never fully recover from a severe stroke. In such cases, it is important to prioritize the person's well-being and ensure that they receive the necessary support and care.

However, it is also important to recognize that a stroke, or any other serious health condition, can have significant impacts on a person's ability to perform certain tasks, including those required for a high-ranking elected position such as a U.S. Senator. The job of a senator is a demanding and rigorous one, and it is not uncommon for people who have experienced a catastrophic health event to be unable to fully fulfill the duties of such a position.

This is not to say that these individuals are not deserving of respect and support, but rather that it is important to consider their ability to perform the required tasks when making decisions about their suitability for certain roles.

The hours are long, and the responsibilities can be monumental. If the effects of a serious stroke render you cognitively impaired, you probably cannot handle the job. But far-left, progressive Pennsylvania voters ignored the irrefutable evidence.

Despite Democrat candidate John Fetterman often appearing lost and disoriented, Keystone State voters elected him to serve six years as one of their two senators. During a debate with Republican candidate Mehmet Oz, Fetterman was clearly lost.

FOX News described the debate as a “train wreck.” Nevertheless, the obvious inability of John Fetterman to talk in complete sentences or keep his thoughts straight did not dissuade voters. He’s a U.S. senator, regardless of his ability to do the job.

On January 3, another “train wreck” swore Fetterman in. While Kamala Harris tried to wax poetically about what a wonderful person John Fetterman is, and he may well be a “good guy,” the senator-elect looked like he was lost in an alternate universe.

As Fetterman stood beside Harris as he was being sworn in to one of the 100 most honorable, high-profile political offices in the world, he gazed at the audience as if his mind was somewhere else. In truth, it probably was. There’s no need to be insensitive, but the reality is undeniable.

John Fetterman may be an okay fellow, regardless of his political beliefs. However, while watching his blank stare as he was sworn into office, it was indisputable that he is unable to handle the important responsibilities of a U.S. senator.

But, as if John Fetterman being a mental train wreck weren't enough, he's joining an entire team full of train wrecks. Joe Biden is the biggest wreck of all. His cognitive abilities left him long ago. Kamala Harris is as clueless as any vice president in U.S. history.

Thankfully, another clueless member of the radical left, Nancy Pelosi, will soon hand over her gavel. The entire upper level of Democrat Party leadership is a train wreck. The problem is that these buffoons are turning the country into one.

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