Time for Liberals to "Follow the Science" on Gender Identity After Study Proves It's Not Real

The concept of gender identity, championed by psychologist John Money and followed by subsequent generations of activists, is a dangerous one that has been pushed to the forefront of mainstream culture. This idea of “gender fluidity” ignores scientific evidence about the differences between male and female brains and misleads impressionable young minds.

The Daily Wire reported,

According to an international group of over 100 clinicians and researchers, there is currently no biological evidence for “gender identity” and no laboratory test that can distinguish a trans-identified person from a non-trans-identified person. Despite this, the belief in “gender identity” is used as the basis for medically transitioning thousands of children and adolescents.

“The assumption of the core biological underpinning for ‘gender identity’ and ‘gender dysphoria’ remains an unproven theory: while biology likely plays a role in gender nonconformity, currently, there is no brain, blood, or other objective test that distinguishes a trans-identified from a non-trans identified person once confounding factors such as sexual orientation are controlled for,” (emphasis original) said the Society for Evidence-Based Gender Medicine (SEGM) in an article debunking false and unproven assumptions used to medically transition children.

The push for little to no “gatekeeping” of medical transition treatments, in addition to the banning of therapy for minors that doesn't affirm their chosen “gender identity” in 20 states, shows how far this misguided agenda has gone. Despite research on the alleged “transgender brain” that claims to show a difference between male and female brains, existing findings on same sex attracted brains have merely been reinterpreted to fit these conclusions.

Being transgender is not like being black or any other minority group as some would have us believe. To suggest so would be a misinterpretation of both neuroscience and civil rights laws which give people certain privileges already. Instead, it should be acknowledged that the only two genders are male and female, and this is based upon scientific evidence regarding biological sex differences.

We should also recognize that gender dysphoria is a psychiatric condition which should be treated as such instead of being given special status in order to reduce societal stigma.

In short, it's vital for all adults and especially parents to take into consideration the real implications of this movement when discussing gender issues with children. There are only two genders and any attempts to redefine them as something else will lead us further away from the truth instead of towards real progress.

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