WATCH: Feisty House Rep Forces Border Chief to Destroying Democrat Narrative on Border

Anna Paulina Luna (R-Fla.) took decisive action on Tuesday to counter Democrats who were accusing Republicans of engaging in white nationalism due to the desire for stricter border security. This accusation was likely referring to the 'Great Replacement' theory and Republican statements that they want to see more stringent border control measures.

Before the House Oversight Committee hearing concerning the border crisis, House Oversight Democrats issued a statement claiming that GOP oversight members would be using this event as a means to promote white nationalist ideas instead of attempting to find a comprehensive answer for protecting borders and strengthening immigration systems.

Rep. Luna spoke out against those who wish to see federal agencies such as Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement defunded, observing that these actions, which are seen by some progressives as necessary steps in order to protect migrants' rights, would not produce positive results for marginalized populations.

"For any of the members of this House of Representatives advocating to defund Border Patrol and ICE, not only are you complicit in engaging in aiding and abetting traffickers, but your are hurting minority children," she said, after chiefs Gloria Chavez and John Modlin said that more funding, and thus more enforcement, would benefit migrants and ease problems at the border. To further illustrate her point, she posed a question to Border Patrol chiefs Gloria Chavez and John Modlin: "Are a majority of Border Patrol agents white or Hispanic?"

The response received confirmed that most Border Patrol agents are actually of Hispanic heritage and first-generation immigrants themselves, thus proving that decreasing funding for immigration enforcement would harm migrants themselves rather than uphold any kind of agenda related to white supremacy.

In response, Luna remarked that it is clear there is not an issue with white supremacy within America's borders but rather an illegal immigration one. She further argued that increasing funding towards immigration enforcement is not about promoting any sort of racial bias but rather providing Border Patrol agents with suitable resources so they can better care for incoming migrants entering into the United States.

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