US Treasury Covers for Biden Family, Blocks Republicans from Key Hunter Docs

The US Treasury Department has denied a request from House Republicans to obtain access to suspicious activity reports related to foreign banking and business transactions of Hunter Biden and other members of the Biden family. Jonathan Davidson, Treasury’s legislative affairs chief, asked for more information regarding the reasons for the GOP's request in a letter sent to House Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer.

Comer had previously requested any suspicious activity reports related to overseas business and other dealings by Biden’s son on January 11 as part of his panel’s investigations. Republican lawmakers believe Hunter Biden was involved in potentially profiting from his business dealings in Ukraine and China and may have shared finances, credit cards, or bank accounts with his father.

In response to this inquiry from the GOP-led committee, Davidson issued a statement saying that improper disclosure of such highly sensitive information could compromise the executive branch's ability to adequately conduct law enforcement and intelligence activities. Chairman Comer responded by emphasizing the need for transparency into these matters and claiming that an effort by Biden's administration to conceal them “raises many questions” about whether he has put our national security at risk.

Comer expressed further intentions to examine drafting legislation that would strengthen federal ethics laws concerning employees and their families if necessary. Davidson declared that the U.S. Treasury will make determinations as to how they can respect legitimate legislative needs while simultaneously protecting Executive Branch interests such as law enforcement initiatives. Comer reassured his commitment to obtaining access to these reports if needed and will take action using “the power of the gavel” in order secure them if necessary.

The investigation into the concerns surrounding Hunter Biden’s business transactions is only one among several inquiries planned by Republicans over the coming years during Biden's term in office. The new administration is relying upon assistance from congressional Democrats, federal agency personnel, along with an external organization as part of their strategy for countering probe inquiries initiated by Republican committees.

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