RINO Lindsey Graham Rushes to Biden’s Defense Over Classified Doc Scandal

On Tuesday, Senator Lindsey Graham was quick to come to the defense of Joe Biden, who has been put under investigation after classified documents were discovered in his private home. Instead of speaking out against him and reprimanding him for the scandal, Graham instead stated that he didn't believe anything sinister was going on.

When a reporter asked Graham about national security concerns surrounding the Biden case, he stumbled over his words and then defended Biden by saying, “let me just say that so I’ve known President Biden for a long time, I don’t think there is…I would be shocked if there’s anything sinister here.”

Further documents were found in Biden's library on January 12th and 20th, all related to scandals involving Ukraine, Iran, China, and the United Kingdom. There are strong suspicions these documents provided Hunter Biden with information from either classified documents or his father Joe, to give him an advantage in his international business endeavors. These assumptions were only further solidified when an email sent by Hunter to a business associate on April 13th, 2014, was uncovered which contained comprehensive details on Ukraine.

Additionally, another shocking revelation occurred when documents marked as 'classified' were found at former Vice President Mike Pence's Indiana home last week. The FBI and Justice Department have now launched a review of these files to investigate how they ended up in Pence's house. This is especially shocking news considering the fact that Pence had previously asserted he wasn't holding any confidential material in his possession. It is still unknown what type of files these are and what level of sensitivity or classification they possess. In order to keep Congress informed, Pence's team plans on notifying them about this occurrence on Tuesday as well.

Representative Michael McCaul from Texas made an interesting comparison yesterday between the increasing amounts of classified material being uncovered at Biden's Delaware residence, similar to how Watergate brought about Richard Nixon's downfall from office decades ago.

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