Robbery Suspect Shot Dead by Armed Customer at Restaurant

The left's perspective on guns is that they are a negative aspect of society, claiming that guns only serve to kill people. However, this is not the case. The responsibility for any harm caused by firearms lies with the person using them, whether they have good or bad intentions. The media, which is often influenced by left-leaning ideologies, only presents one side of the story when it comes to guns.

They sensationalize the actions of those who use guns for harmful purposes, but rarely mention the individual's mental health issues. Instead of addressing the underlying causes of gun violence, the left focuses on blaming the gun itself. This approach is flawed and becomes evident when a law-abiding citizen uses a firearm for self-defense or to prevent a crime. The left remains silent about these instances, even when the individual stops a criminal with a gun.

This exact situation happened recently at a small diner in Houston, Texas. Just before midnight, surveillance cameras at a “taquería” in Houston showed an armed robber wearing a black ski mask. The man was going from table to table, robbing customers at gunpoint.

Someone could have easily resisted and been shot. Certainly, if not for the quick actions of a legal gun owner, everyone would have been robbed of their valuables. But that’s not what happened on this night.

According to the Houston Police, a Good Samaritan shot and killed the armed suspect. He then collected the money from the robber and gave it back to the victims. While the man has not been charged with any crimes, the Houston Police still wish to speak with him.

The only thing the police know at this time is that the person is bald and drives a 1970s-1980s truck. The truck doesn’t have a bed. They insist the man is not being charged. Customers left the restaurant before police arrived. A subsequent report said the robber was carrying a BB gun.

Certainly, the mainstream media will twist this part of the story. The facts are simple. A masked man waving a firearm entered a restaurant and robbed people. A “hopefully” legal gun owner saved the day. But we have a hunch that eventually this to will somehow be the gun’s fault.

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