Ukraine is Hiding Something in the Their Salt Mines...What Is It?

If Americans only paid attention to the story being spun by the mainstream media, they would likely be adorned with a Ukrainian flag in place of the familiar Stars and Stripes. According to media's narrative, everyone in the country should pledge their allegiance to Ukraine's supposedly noble cause.

The Russian president Vladimir Putin is portrayed as an unequivocal villain. There is no questioning that. However, it would be inaccurate to assume that President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is inherently virtuous just because Putin is deemed 'bad'. In reality, the Ukrainian leader is more akin to a tyrannical dictator than a democratic ruler, something that the corporate news outlets have failed to report accurately.

Zelenskyy was initially famous as a comedian and actor who made films and television shows, and his public-friendly persona saw him become popular with Ukrainians. This background in show business may explain some of what has been happening in Ukraine lately - it appears to all be for entertainment purposes and designed to manipulate public opinion in his favor.

Anybody who dares raise questions about Zelenskyy's integrity or motives is quickly labelled a 'stooge for Putin', according to Washington D.C.. Of course, this type of reputation-saving behavior does not endear him with citizens looking for genuine democracy. After all, actions such as shutting down opposition media outlets or jailing political rivals are not exactly indicative of an individual striving for justice or fairness.

Nevertheless, what else is Zelenskyy hiding? Early in the war, there were all the suspect biological labs strewn throughout the nation. Whatever happened to that story? Right on cue, the Biden administration began shoveling boatloads of cash into Zelenskyy’s piggybank.

Who’s auditing where these billions in aid are going? At the moment, it appears that no one is. When you have a leader trying to act like something he’s clearly not, the world has itself a potential case of “a wolf in sheep’s clothing.” Something isn’t right.

Again, if you question the nobility of Mr. Zelenskyy, you’re a “commie-sympathizing Russian stooge.” However, there are a number of bizarre questions surrounding this war. One is how vehemently Ukrainians are defending a place called “the Bakhmut Salt Mines.”

The Ukrainian army is expending numerous resources on what the authorities say is a salt and gypsum mine that they claim has historical significance. But is there “more than meets the eye” underneath these mines?

Experts believe there is a great deal more. The Artemsoli salt mines appear to be an underground fortress used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. There are ammunition storehouses and quarters for military personnel.

Reports indicate there are also hangars for equipment. Certain approaches and entrances into the mines are rigged with explosives ready to be blown up at a moment’s notice. It seems like an awful lot of fanfare to protect a mine full of salt, regardless of its value.

One “head-scratching theory” being floated by an anonymous Biden White House official is that a Putin ally, Evgeny Prigozhin, has a culinary interest in the salt mines. We’re not kidding. This member of Joe Biden’s electric team of numskulls thinks it’s all about “cooking.”

Because Prigozhin is a chef, the storyline is that the Ukrainian army is sacrificing valuable resources (human lives) to keep this Russian cook from seasoning his cuisine. If this weren’t so illogical, it might be funny. So, what is underneath the Bakhmut Salt Mines?

We know there are miles of tunnels. Some believe the forgotten story about Ukraine’s biological labs is intriguing. Are the Ukrainians stashing evidence of biological weapons under the salt mines? They’re certainly putting forth a lot of effort to protect a “salty resource.”

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