Report Claims Microwaving Steak Is Best Way To Cook It

Scientists often give us some interesting and sometimes bizarre ideas on how to do everyday tasks better. However, one physicist's claim on the best way to cook a steak has left people scratching their heads.

George Vekinis, a physicist and author of "Physics in the Kitchen," has recently shared his unconventional method for cooking a steak that has raised a few eyebrows. According to Vekinis, the best way to cook a steak is to stick it in the microwave first.

In an interview with BBC podcast "Instant Genius," Vekinis explained his reasoning behind this technique. He stated that heating the meat first in the microwave is essential in order to cook it evenly. When steak is cooked directly from the fridge, it tends to cook unevenly as the outside gets cooked and the inside remains cold.

But that's not all, Vekinis also discourages the common practice of salting steak before cooking it. According to him, the salt has an osmotic ability to draw out as much water as possible from the meat, resulting in a tough and inedible steak. Instead, he suggests salting the steak after it has been cooked.

At first glance, this method sounds absurd. Many people would argue that microwaving a steak would result in a dry and flavorless piece of meat. But Vekinis claims that this technique actually creates the best-tasting steak.

So, how does it work? According to Vekinis, microwaving the steak dries out the surface of the meat, making it easier to achieve that perfect sear on the outside. This is because when the surface is dry, it can reach a higher temperature without overcooking the inside of the steak.

But the question still remains, does this method actually result in a better-tasting steak? It's difficult to say without trying it out for ourselves. But many experienced chefs would argue that this technique goes against everything they have ever learned about cooking steak. Many chefs rely on methods such as searing the steak first and then finishing it off in the oven to achieve a perfectly cooked and juicy steak.

On top of that, microwaving your steak before cooking it goes against the basic principles of cooking meats. Meats should always be cooked at a high temperature for a short period of time rather than cooked slowly and at a low temperature. Microwaving the steak may cause it to become rubbery and tough.

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