Biden Admin Receives Criticism For Claim About Gas Prices

The Biden administration's recent claim of taking credit for lower gas prices has sparked backlash on social media. On Monday, the official White House X account, formerly known as Twitter, posted a tweet that touted the decrease in prices just in time for holiday travel. They attributed this decrease to President Biden's "top economic priority" of lowering costs for families.

However, this claim was met with derision and criticism, with many comparing it to an "arsonist taking credit for putting out a fire." Critics quickly pointed out that gas prices are still significantly higher than before President Biden took office. Last year, the national average of gas prices was nearly $5 a gallon, with some states seeing prices as high as $6. In November 2020, during the end of President Trump's term, the national average was recorded at $2.113 per gallon.

GOP rapid response director Jake Schneider called out the White House's claim, saying, "Arsonist takes credit for putting out fire...Gas still isn't even close to what it was when Biden took office." Justin Haskins from the Heartland Institute also chimed in, stating that costs have gone way up since Biden's presidency and that gas is significantly more expensive now.

Others also pointed out the discrepancy between the current gas prices and those during the previous administration. Fox News contributor Joe Concha wrote, "Based on the reactions to this...I'm starting to think that maybe this whole treating people like they are utterly and completely beyond stupid is a strategy that is not resonating well."

The Log Cabin Republicans' Los Angeles chapter also weighed in, stating that gas prices in their area are at an alarming $4.75 per gallon, and that the White House should not be bragging about a small decrease in prices. editor @Politibunny debunked the claim that President Biden should be credited for the decrease in gas prices, saying, "You don't get credit for jacking up prices like crazy and then bringing them down a teensy bit." Many users on social media also pointed out that President Biden had previously blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin for the increase in gas prices and claimed he had no control over it, making his current attempt to take credit seem disingenuous.

Overall, the White House's claim of taking credit for the decrease in gas prices has been met with widespread criticism and backlash on social media. Many users are outraged at the attempt to spin a relatively small decrease in prices as a major accomplishment, calling it out as a desperate move to boost economic optimism ahead of the holidays. Only time will tell if gas prices will continue to decrease or if they will rise again, but for now, the Biden administration's attempt to take credit is being met with skepticism and outrage from the public.

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