Propaganda Machine CNN Turns on Biden Crime Family

The Biden Crime family has been the subject of much scrutiny recently, with revelations that Joe Biden had improperly stored stolen classified documents at his private office and Delaware home. This has caused considerable concern amongst many. It could put a damper on Joe Biden's 2024 presidential bid.

Even CNN appears to have turned on Joe Biden too, with Jake Tapper criticizing him for storing these confidential documents next to his Corvette. In addition to this, CNN reported on the House GOP investigation into the Biden Crime family and admitted that members of the Biden family were indeed profiting from their last name.

This report discussed how Hunter and James Biden received hundreds of thousands of dollars from companies linked to China's Communist Party. Hunter's firm Owasco was especially under scrutiny due to its financial association with CEFC Energy Company, an organization that is reportedly an arm of the Chinese Communist Party. Records show that Owasco was paid $5 million by a CEFC-affiliated investment vehicle called Northern International, which then transferred nearly $5 million over directly to Owasco.

Furthermore, Hunter was paid $100,000 a month while James was paid $65,000 a month plus $500,000 in retainer fees, in addition to money Hunter made sitting on the board of Burisma Holdings...a corrupt Ukrainian natural gas company.

These reports have caused outcry amongst many people who are now wondering if Joe Biden will be able to make it onto the 2024 ballot given all this news about his family's questionable activities. To make matters worse for Joe Biden, CNN has reportedly been given the go ahead sign by deep state forces to pursue further investigation into his dealings and those of his family. If any further damning evidence is brought forth against Joe or members of his family concerning corruption or misuse of funds it could spell disaster for Joe Bidens political aspirations in 2024.

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