A Mole in the White House: Officials ‘Suspicious’ of Classified Doc Leak to Press After 68 Days of Secrecy

The plot to conceal a scandal involving classified documents found at the Penn Biden Center, funded in part by anonymous Chinese donations, was orchestrated by eight of Joe Biden's closest confidants with initial approval from the Justice Department. CBS News only learned of the violation 68 days after the documents were first discovered on November 2nd by Biden's personal attorneys, and it's still unclear what they were originally searching for.

The news sparked suspicion within the White House as to how it had remained concealed for weeks between Biden's aides and the DOJ. Senior adviser Anita Dunn initially rejected any notion of making the discovery public because she feared that doing so would lead to unwanted scrutiny and an inevitable appointment of a special counsel. As such, a quiet agreement was kept between eight aides and the department until it eventually leaked to CBS News on January 9th.

Rep. James Comer has since taken up the issue in order to investigate why or what prompted Biden's personal lawyers to search for classified material at his home in Wilmington, something which occurred after an initial trove of documents were discovered at his Penn Center office, but he has been unable to acquire any answers from that White House, DOJ and National Archives due their refusal to cooperate with him. Despite this lack of transparency, Biden maintains that he is providing complete disclosure regarding this matter.

However, there are still numerous questions remaining about why these private attorneys were attempting to find classified information at their own volition. Moreover, it's unclear whether or not anyone else was aware this action was being taken while they attempted to keep all associated knowledge hidden away from public view, an effort which ultimately failed when the news broke out in spite of their best efforts.

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