KJP Shamelessly Brushes Aside Official Warning

The Biden administration has made it crystal clear that they don't care for the rules to apply to them. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has recently been found to be in violation of the Hatch Act, but rather than take any accountability for the breach of protocol, the administration has done the opposite.

The independent Office of Special Counsel (OSC) determined that Jean-Pierre has repeatedly violated the Hatch Act by using the phrase "MAGA Republicans" during press briefings and in press releases. MAGA is the slogan of a political campaign, and the OSC decided to issue a warning for the violations.

In response to the OSC's findings, the White House announced that they would still continue to break the law blatantly, without batting an eye. Instead of instituting new policies to prevent such legal lapses, the Biden administration has instead put faith in the idea that the current rules don't apply to them.

When asked for comment about the Hatch Act breach, Jean-Pierre claimed that Republicans use the termMAGA to describe official policy agenda items, making it a technical term rather than a political one. This is refuted by evidence, however, asMAGA is not a term used in any official capacity by Republicans in terms of legislation and policy.

The Hatch Act, written during a time of more decorum and accountability, is considered an antiquated law in many circles. There would certainly be a legal challenge to the act on First Amendment grounds due to its potential violation of free speech.

However, the Biden administration's lack of shame in continuing to break the law is equally as worrying as any potential First Amendment issue. They seem to be aware of their situation of running a White House without fear of repercussions, and they clearly plan to keep doing so.

The violation of the Hatch Act is not the worst thing the Biden administration has done by any means, however, it is a symptom of a much larger issue. Namely, that the rules don't apply to the elites, and that those in power will flaunt that knowledge to the public without a shred of guilt. It's a troubling reminder of the unaccountability that runs rampant in contemporary Washington politics, and that the Biden administration seemingly has no intention of curbing.

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