Justice Clarence Thomas Responds To John Oliver Joke

During his HBO late-night talk show on Sunday, comedian John Oliver made a shocking offer to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Oliver offered to pay Thomas a million dollars per year and provide him with a luxury tour bus if he agreed to retire from the nation's highest court. The offer has sparked controversy and backlash, with many accusing Oliver of trying to "bribe" Thomas.

In his segment, Oliver first pointed out that Thomas is arguably the most influential justice on the court at the moment, but that he has never seemed to enjoy his job. Oliver quoted Thomas as saying, "It's not worth doing for the grief." With this in mind, the comedian proposed a deal that would allow Thomas to enjoy the luxuries he clearly values without having to endure the negativity and criticism that comes with being a member of the Supreme Court.

The deal that Oliver offered to Thomas was simple: a million dollars a year for the rest of his life, in exchange for his retirement from the Supreme Court. In addition, Oliver offered to provide Thomas with a brand new, top-of-the-line luxury bus that he could use to travel the country. The bus called a "cray boat marathon motor coach," is reported to be worth millions of dollars.

Oliver justified this offer by saying that Thomas deserved a break from "the meanness of Washington" and to be surrounded by regular people whose lives he has impacted through his decisions. The offer was accompanied by a video of the luxury bus, complete with brand-new furnishings and amenities.

During his segment, Oliver also referenced a comment that Thomas made roughly a year and a half ago, in which he addressed his critics in left-wing media. In response to their claims that Thomas was not doing his job properly, Thomas had said, "I will absolutely leave the court when I do my job as poorly as you do yours." He added, jokingly, that this was a compliment to the media.

The offer made by John Oliver has received mixed reactions. While some are supportive of the comedian's unconventional approach, others have accused him of trying to "bribe" a Supreme Court justice into retirement. Some have even suggested that this could be considered an attempt to interfere with the judicial system.

Carrie Severino, president of the Judicial Crisis Network, publicly criticized the offer, taking to social media to post a clip of Thomas' remarks from a year and a half ago. She also suggested that Oliver's offer may be part of a larger attempt by the left to push Thomas off the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court has not yet responded to the offer made by Oliver, and it is unclear if Justice Thomas is even aware of the proposal. Oliver himself acknowledged that the offer may seem like a joke, but he reassured viewers that it was a legitimate attempt to get Thomas to retire and enjoy the luxuries he evidently values.

Regardless of the outcome, the offer made by John Oliver has sparked a debate over the role of the Supreme Court in American politics, as well as the ethics of offering incentives to encourage retirement. It remains to be seen if this offer will have any impact on the decision-making of Justice Clarence Thomas, but it is clear that it has sparked controversy and divided opinions.

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