Report Gives More Details On Biden’s Dog

The White House has been rocked by shocking details of President Biden's dog's attacks on Secret Service agents.

According to newly released documents obtained by journalist John Greenewald through a Freedom of Information Act request, Commander, the president's German shepherd, has bitten agents in at least 24 incidents. The severity of these attacks has left one agent with a deep bite on their arm and the White House floors stained with blood, resulting in tours being temporarily shut down.

One of the most alarming incidents occurred in the Kennedy Garden near where First Lady Jill Biden's office is located. Video footage shows Commander off the leash and running at a high speed toward a Secret Service agent, jumping on them and causing a deep bite that required stitches. This resulted in a 20-minute closure of East Wing tours due to blood on the floors. Another attack took place in Delaware while the president was on vacation, with the dog biting an agent's arm and causing a significant amount of blood loss.

The documents also reveal that at least one attack occurred while the agent was assisting President Biden, causing them to express concern for their safety and others around them. The White House pup has since been removed from the residence and is now staying with friends of the Bidens in Delaware. It has been reported that the president and first lady are deeply saddened by these incidents and have personally apologized to those involved, even taking flowers to some.

In light of these attacks, the Secret Service has had to make changes to their operations when Commander is present, such as giving the dog more space. However, it seems that even with additional training and consultations with animal behaviorists, the White House environment may have been too much for the German shepherd to handle. This is supported by the fact that the dog arrived as a puppy in 2021 and struggled to adapt to the constantly busy and high-stress environment.

Commander's behavior has also resulted in serious injuries for Secret Service agents, with at least 10 requiring medical treatment for bites on their arms, hands, legs, and waists. This has led some members of the Secret Service to express concerns about the safety of those working at the White House, with one even fearing that something worse could happen if the dog's behavior is not addressed. Despite these incidents, the White House has defended the pets and blamed the stressful environment for their actions.

The president's decision to bring his German shepherds to the White House has been met with controversy and criticism, with some pointing out that this was a potential security risk. However, the First Family has stated that they consider Commander and the late Major and Champ, who have both since passed away, as part of their family. The loss of two other German shepherds and Commander's struggles to adapt to the White House have led critics to question the suitability of having pets in the presidential residence.

The most recent biting incident was in November 2022, where an agent was hospitalized after Commander clamped down on their arms and thighs. This occurred just a month after staff warned of potential danger after the First Lady was unable to control the dog as it charged toward a Secret Service member. The White House has responded to these incidents, stating that they have been treating them as workplace injuries and working with all applicable entities to minimize any adverse impacts from family pets.

According to a spokesman for the Secret Service, the safety and well-being of their employees are of utmost importance, and they have been navigating how to best operate in an environment that includes family pets for many presidential administrations. He also clarified that while Secret Service personnel do not handle or care for the First Family's pets, they have been working continuously with other entities to ensure the safety of their employees.

It remains to be seen what impact these incidents will have on the White House's decision to have pets in the future and the precautions that will be put in place to prevent similar incidents from occurring.

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