Michigan Urges Citizens To Participate In Resettlement Pathway

Michigan’s Department of Labor and Economic Development (LEO) has launched a new initiative to welcome and support immigrant, refugee, and ethnic communities in the state.

The goal is to make Michigan the home of opportunity for these groups by assisting them in securing housing, enrolling their children in school, and finding employment. The LEO is encouraging everyday Michiganders to get involved in this effort and help make Michigan a more welcoming and inclusive state.

The Office of Global Michigan, a part of the LEO, is spearheading this initiative. Their mission is to foster partnerships for immigrant inclusion in workforce development and make Michigan a home of opportunity for all. Through expanded refugee resettlement pathways, everyday Michiganders can now provide refuge and support to a refugee family of their choosing. This program, known as the Welcome Corps, is a key component of the Office of Global Michigan's efforts to build a more welcoming and inclusive Michigan.

Michigan's Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer and Director of the Office of Global Michigan, Poppy Hernandez, shares that the goal is to make Michigan the home of opportunity for immigrant, refugee, and ethnic communities. She believes that with the expanded refugee resettlement pathways, everyday Michiganders can play a critical role in supporting the state's growing refugee population and making Michigan a more welcoming place for all.

One of the pathways available for private sponsorship is sponsoring refugees of Cuban, Haitian, Nicaraguan, or Venezuelan nationality who had a Form I-134 or I-134A already filed on their behalf by September 30th, 2023. Sponsors are expected to provide support for the first 90 days of a refugee's arrival in Michigan. This program presents an opportunity for individuals and families to make a direct and meaningful impact on the lives of refugees seeking a new start in Michigan.

Global Michigan highlights the significant contributions of the foreign-born population to Michigan's economy, political landscape, and social fabric. According to their data, immigrant households have an annual spending power of $18 billion, and approximately 15% of business owners in Southeast Michigan are immigrants. These statistics demonstrate the valuable role immigrants play in driving economic growth and diversity in the state.

The Office of Global Michigan is also actively involved in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts in the state. They collaborate with Michigan's Equity and Inclusion Officers to ensure that policies and initiatives are inclusive. By working together, they aim to create a more equitable and welcoming environment for people of all backgrounds in Michigan.

The expansion of refugee resettlement pathways aligns with Michigan's commitment to diversity and inclusion. This initiative is an example of how government agencies and everyday citizens can come together to create a more welcoming environment for immigrant and refugee communities. By opening its doors to refugees, Michigan has demonstrated its values of compassion and humanity, making it an attractive destination for individuals and families seeking a new home.

The global refugee crisis has been a pressing issue in recent years, and with the expansion of the resettlement program in Michigan, the state is taking a proactive approach to addressing it.

This initiative presents an opportunity for Michiganders to make a direct and sustainable impact on the lives of refugees, helping them to integrate into a new community and rebuild their lives. As more people and families call Michigan home, the state will only become stronger and more diverse.

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