J6 Tapes Could Lead To Appeals

Trust in the government is essential to a peaceful democracy. There will always be some public skepticism toward elected officials. A human tendency to allow power to corrupt their good judgment is probably why. Sometimes those we elect to govern us simply allow authority to go to their heads. However, most of the time, politicians try to do the right thing by their voters.

But the liberal left has veered from these guiding principles. To push forward a radical agenda, Democrats have taken drastic steps to carve away at constitutional freedoms. The left has weaponized federal law enforcement agencies against American citizens. However, and this is most disturbing, is a growing tendency to hide things from the American people.

We’re not talking about sensitive national security information. Likewise, securing classified documents to protect our nation is the issue; however, they’ve bungled that job as well. What’s being hidden from the American people is information, the truth, about things that should be public information. With this knowledge, people can make democratic decisions.

When the government, exactly like the Biden administration is doing, conceals all the facts, it clouds public opinion. But Democrats aren’t hiding things in the best interest of the nation. They’re flat-out hiding things to keep the nation in the dark. Democrats do not want people to know the truth. If they did, they’d push back against a corrupt scheme.

The left used federal law enforcement to suppress information ahead of the 2020 presidential election. If Americans had known about a particular “laptop story,” many say it would have changed their vote. Ahead of the 2022 midterms, Democrats once again buried critical news about Joe Biden being investigated for concealing classified documents.

But maybe the biggest cover-up has been over the events of January 6, 2021. On that day, an otherwise peaceful demonstration turned chaotic. There were people who did stupid things. Some broke the law. Those people should face consequences. However, the left has portrayed January 6 as a violent insurrection to overthrow the U.S. government. It wasn’t.

The proof was contained within thousands of hours of surveillance video. But to promote their false narrative, the left snipped and clipped away at the footage to only show what they wanted Americans to see. If Americans were allowed to watch the entire show, they’d clearly see that what the liberal left was saying wasn’t true.

In addition, there were a number of other things that happened on January 6 that opened the grave possibility it was staged. But without the whole video, no one could make that assumption. Americans were hand-fed what the left wanted them to see. But when Republicans retook control of the House of Representatives, a window of opportunity was opened.

The new House Speaker, Kevin McCarthy, immediately began working on releasing the full story. He started by releasing thousands of hours of video to FOX News. Tucker Carlson’s team of investigators toiled over the evidence. What they found was astonishing. What the left claims happened on January 6 never really happened. Nothing even close occurred.

Sure, some people were where they shouldn’t have been. They were probably guilty of misdemeanor trespassing. But this was NOT an insurrection. But now congressional Republicans want to know why the Department of Justice sat on all this evidence for over two years. A so-called House commission also had access to all the videos as well.

But they never showed this one.

But Nancy Pelosi’s handpicked cast of Trump haters never shared the full story with Americans, either. Now the DOJ has been hit with the first of what will be numerous legal motions to turn over information. This is going to be an interesting battle between House Republicans and entrenched liberal justice officials. When Americans see who’s really responsible for January 6 and what it’s truly about, they’ll be enraged. This was a coup, but not by whom the left says.

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