Family Restaurant Gets Back At Activists

When it comes to the fight against leftist activists, Jimmy’s Famous Seafood in Baltimore is proving that the best way to win is to fight back.

The family-owned seafood restaurant has been the subject of a protest from “animal rights” group PETA, who had put up a billboard near the restaurant. Jimmy’s had had enough and decided to troll the trolls. What PETA probably didn’t anticipate is how good at counter-trolling the restaurant would be.

The restaurant responded to PETA’s “it’d be a sin to waste them” billboard with two of their own, side by side. The first reads “they died to be enjoyed,” and the second reads “it’d be a sin to waste them.” The ads feature a woman holding a dead crab up.

The response from the restaurant has been praised by conservatives everywhere and serves as a reminder that when it comes to the fight against leftist activists, the best way to win is to fight back.

The response has been so successful that the restaurant has announced that this is only the first phase of their counter-attack. They have promised that phase two will hit much closer to home and many conservatives are speculating that the restaurant plans to set up a billboard near PETA headquarters or expose the group for the hypocrites and nutcases they are.

This is an amazing example of how to handle radical activists. Jimmy’s has given no apology, shown no guilt, and been brutally hilarious in their response. This proves that radical activists find their true power in the cowardice and compliance of their victims. They look foolish and weak when given nothing. One thing is for certain, Jimmy's isn't done yet.

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