Incoming Evidence Will Prove FBI Knew Seth Rich Supplied Emails to WikiLeaks and Russian Collusion was a Lie

Attorney Ty Clevenger has been on a multi-year mission to uncover the truth regarding who supplied the emails from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and John Podesta to WikiLeaks. This quest has become all the more pertinent in light of the attempted coup of the Trump administration with the Russia collusion narrative, which has been debunked yet to this day no one has been charged with sedition or attempting to overthrow President Trump.

It was only this year that a judge demanded that the FBI and DOJ release all documents related to Seth Rich, who was working for DNC at the time of his murder in 2016 and who is suspected by some to have been responsible for supplying those emails. The FBI responded by requesting an additional 66 years before releasing any relevant information, but Attorney Clevenger believes that we are close to getting our hands on evidence that will prove beyond doubt that US government fabricated this whole initiative.

"I think we’re getting close to the final step which is to show that the US government unequivocally fabricated the whole initiative. I mean this was not just an exaggeration based on Christopher Steele’s report, I think we’re on the verge of showing that before Christopher Steele’s report came about, that the FBI and the CIA knew for sure that the Russians had nothing to do with this hack."

"Specifically, I think we’re getting close to getting our hands on some of the Seth Rich documents, and all evidence so far points to him being the source of the leaks rather than hackers from Russia", said Clevenger.

"...I think we’re getting close. Within the past two or three months the FBI was forced to disclose that it has a report on Seth Rich’s work laptop. They’ve hidden that from us for five years and they just finally admitted this. They’re trying to withhold it."

Specifically, it's thought that whatever is contained in Seth Rich's work laptop will point definitively toward him being responsible for supplying material to WikiLeaks rather than hackers from Russia. Julian Assange himself all but said as much when he offered a $20,000 reward leading to an arrest over Rich’s murder, while investigative journalist Sy Hersh stated under oath that he'd heard from a source with 35 years' experience in intelligence circles that Rich was indeed responsible for providing WikiLeaks their material.

Therefore. it appears increasingly likely that not only did the Obama administration fabricate lies about Russian collusion, but also hid even more damning evidence about its own misdeeds. And if true, then justice must be done and those behind this plot must be held accountable, not just for lying about Russia's involvement but also potentially covering up a crime related to political motivations.

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