House Committee Claims New Witness Confirms Whistleblower

An FBI agent working on the investigation into Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, has reportedly confirmed that the Atlantic City businessman was given preferential treatment by state law enforcement officials.

According to two IRS whistleblowers - one anonymous, the other named Gary Shapley - Hunter was treated more leniently than ordinary Americans by officials looking into his tax affairs and his lying about drug use on a gun permit.

On Monday the House Oversight Committee made shocking claims that an FBI agent assigned to the Wilmington office, where the FBI headquarters for the Biden criminal investigation are located, had backed up Shapley's comments.

The Committee included some amendments to their original announcement made back in April last year when they first launched their investigation into the 53-year-old.

In a lengthy tweet, they said:

'The agent's testimony is sickening and reveals the lengths to which the DOJ is willing to go to cover up for the Bidens. The Oversight Committee, along with the @JudiciaryGOP and @WaysandMeansGOP, will continue to seek the answers, transparency, and accountability that the American people demand and deserve.'

Democrats however dismissed the agent's comments, stating it was normal for FBI and DOJ officials to disagree when it comes to how to further an investigation.

Shapley and his colleague stated they had witnessed a 'slow-walking investigative steps, as well as delaying enforcement actions in the months prior to the 2020 presidential election.

Shapley is set to testify before the Oversight Committee on Wednesday, March 31.

He had previously told the House Ways and Means Committee that U.S. Attorney David Weiss, who has overseen the Hunter Biden probe for several years, had said he wasn't making the final call on potential charges.

Weiss however denied Shapley's claim, saying he had been given authority to do as he wanted, and that he never asked to be made special counsel.

President Biden has only ever had positive things to say about his son when asked, stating he is proud of Hunter's efforts to overcome his battle with drug addiction.

No proof has been brought forward to back up any allegations that Hunter was given more leniency than any other American. The truth of the agent's testimony is yet to be revealed.

The Oversight Committee seeks to provide Americans with answers, transparency and accountability in their investigation.

No matter the outcome, this saga is sure to leave plenty of unanswered questions and leave the American people in the dark over what transpired between Hunter and prosecutors.

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