Hearing In Trump Georgia Case Continues With New Witness

In a recent hearing that could potentially see Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis disqualified from the prosecution of former President Donald Trump, her divorce lawyer Terrence Bradley was put on the stand on Tuesday. Bradley found himself in a tricky situation as he struggled to recall important details and gave vague responses, causing some to question the validity of his statements.

The star witness claimed he could not remember when his former law partner, Nathan Wade, began dating Willis, despite previously stating in a bombshell text message that the relationship started in 2019. Bradley admitted writing this message to Ashleigh Merchant, the lawyer for a Trump co-defendant, but now claims he was merely speculating and does not recall when the relationship began.

Throughout the hearing, Bradley's testimony was met with objections from Willis' office lawyer, Adam Abbate, who argued that much of the information being discussed was privileged and based on gossip and innuendo.

During McAffee's closed-door meeting with Bradley, it was ruled that certain communications between Wade and Bradley were not protected by attorney-client privilege, further adding to the speculation surrounding the nature of their relationship.

Despite Bradley's elusive answers and lack of concrete knowledge, he did admit that Wade had confided in him about dating Willis during a meeting in their office. However, he could not recall when this conversation took place.

One of the main concerns of Trump's lawyer, Steve Sadow, was why Bradley would make speculative statements about the start of the relationship in a text message. He pressed Bradley to explain why he would not simply state what he knew to be true instead of speculating.

Sadow's questioning ultimately led to the conclusion that Bradley did in fact know when the relationship began but was withholding this information. The implications of this revelation further support Trump and his co-defendants' argument for Willis' disqualification from the case.

In a dramatic turn of events, it was also revealed that Wade had visited Willis' neighborhood at least 35 times and stayed overnight before she hired him for the Trump investigation team. This calls into question the timeline of their relationship and raises suspicions about any possible conflicts of interest.

Both Willis and Wade have maintained that their relationship did not begin until after Wade was hired for the case, but with new revelations and Bradley's questionable testimony, it may be difficult for them to continue denying any potential conflicts of interest.

As the hearing continues, more details may emerge about the relationship between Wade and Willis and the extent of its impact on the Trump investigation. With the judge ruling that certain communications between Wade and Bradley are not protected, it is likely that more information will come to light.

The ultimate decision of whether or not Willis will be disqualified from the case rests in the hands of the court. However, with every new piece of information that comes to light, the argument for her disqualification becomes stronger.

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