Biden Plays Blame Game with Chinese Spy Balloons

Little children will blame everyone and anything when they’re caught doing something wrong. As we mature, we learn to accept responsibility for our mistakes. However, Joe Biden acts more like a little child than an adult. The Biden administration hasn’t accepted responsibility for a single bad judgment or crisis they’ve created.

Despite the obvious, it’s always someone else’s fault. When Biden undercut U.S. energy security by attacking the fossil fuel industry, gas prices skyrocketed. However, despite experts insisting he caused the historic rise in prices at the fuel pump, Biden said it was Putin’s fault. As a result, Americans began to pay more for everything, and inflation exploded.

The U.S. has experienced the worst inflationary crisis in decades. But again, Biden blamed everyone else but himself for the problem. Likewise, the steps Joe Biden took by erasing every sound policy implemented by former President Donald Trump caused a catastrophic crisis at the U.S. southern border. Ironically, Biden blames that crisis on the former president.

But what’s really bizarre is the most recent calamity Biden has caused. His feckless leadership has emboldened America’s most dangerous adversaries. Russia invaded Ukraine because Vladimir Putin sensed weakness. China has continually flexed its military muscles, taunting the Biden administration throughout his time in office.

But when China had the audacity to float a spy balloon right across the heartland of the country, things got deadly serious. However, instead of admitting the administration may have made some miscalculations, Biden went to his old standby excuse. It’s former President Trump’s fault. President Trump exited the White House over two years ago.

The notion that a crisis befalling our nation is his responsibility, two years after Biden took over, is senseless. Coordinator for Strategic Communications at the National Security Council, John Kirby, spoke to the American people about the recent spy balloon catastrophe. He avoided answering direct questions and immediately shifted the focus back on the former president.

Talking about the Chinese spy balloon program, Kirby said, “It was operating during the previous administration, but they did not detect it.” “We detected it.” We tracked it. Yes, Mr. Kirby, you detected it and then watched as it hovered over the United States for days, all the while sucking up information about critical military installations.

But there’s one key problem with Kirby’s bogus excuse. There’s not a single shred of evidence that says what he says is true. It seems ironic that they insist that something happened, but no one has come forward with an ounce of evidence to support their claim. That’s because it didn’t happen. Biden is lying, again.

But what’s even worse is that the coward doesn’t even have enough courage to face the American people. Biden refuses to address the public, even after a second, third, and fourth object have been shot down. It’s despicable. Biden continues to prove he’s the worst president in U.S. history.

But he’s also showing that he’s something else. Joe Biden is a feeble and feckless old fool. Our adversaries know this. Those who would do us harm see weakness. They smell blood. The United States is now sitting at the most precarious point that it has ever been. If we make it through the next two years of Joe Biden’s horrible leadership without becoming embroiled in an all-out global war, it will be a miracle. God bless America, we need it now more than ever.

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