DeSantis Doubles Down on Removing Immigrants

It's clear that the state of Florida is leading the charge when it comes to taking proactive steps to stymie the Biden regime's border policies. In a bold move, Florida has passed legislation granting Governor Ron DeSantis more authority to relocate illegal immigrants from any state in the country. This Unauthorized Alien Transport Program establishes a $10 million budget for its relocation efforts and enables Governor DeSantis to transport them to blue states with sanctuary policies in place. This is an example of a red state standing up for its citizens by sending a strong message against dangerous immigration policies.

The program's sponsor, Republican Senator Blaise Ingoglia, made it clear that its purpose is not to be a sanctuary state and instead hold other states who have adopted these laws accountable. He said that it restores fairness and will ensure that those who voluntarily ask to be relocated can do so in a safe manner.

This move by Florida should serve as an example to other conservative-leaning states across the country. They must look at their own policies and determine how they can use similar initiatives within their borders or enact legislation like this one themselves. It's important for local governments in these states to take action and ensure they are protecting their people while also holding accountable those who are responsible for causing such harm through irresponsible immigration practices.

By implementing such measures, red states can send a strong statement that they will not allow the Biden regime's lawless immigration agenda to bring about further chaos on our southern border or destroy other communities throughout America. Every red state should follow suit and take necessary steps towards ensuring the safety of their citizens from rogue border policies implemented by this regime and backed by many liberal cities throughout the US.

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