WOW! Protesters in Brazil Storm Capital, Destroying Supreme Court and Congress

It's estimated that approximately 2-3 billion people around the world fit into the middle-class category. This number is predicted to steadily increase over the course of this decade, with more and more economic opportunities opening up each day. It has been suggested by some that a small group of elites are working towards a socialist world order, which would ultimately result in the elimination of the middle class.

This methodical tactic doesn't involve using tanks and other military force - instead, it relies on slowly pushing citizens into socialism without them being aware of it. How can a small group of influential individuals effectively force their will onto an entire population? One way to do this is through elections, as we have recently seen in America.

While it may appear attractive to some to be part of a society without borders and rules, there are many concerning consequences of this vision. The primary issue is that socialism ultimately works against the interests of the middle class; its aim is to wipe out any sense of financial stability for those who belong in this bracket. As such, it serves only to keep an elite ruling party at the top with no regard for anyone else.

What's worse is that large companies often reap huge benefits from global socialism while simultaneously allowing smaller businesses and entrepreneurs to suffer from its policies. This creates an even greater divide between those at the top and bottom rungs of society, further entrenching inequality for generations to come.

In addition, evidence suggests that lower income households are often forced into taking on heavy debt loads in order to survive under socialist regimes. This debt then becomes increasingly difficult - if not impossible - to pay off due to existing circumstances such as low wages or unemployment resulting from globalization or technological advancement.

It's evident that true economic opportunity goes hand-in-hand with open markets and free trade - not a socialist system controlled by a select few elites. Therefore, if citizens wish for true freedom and stability they must reject these efforts towards creating a global socialist order and instead strive towards achieving an economy based upon fairness and justice for all classes - especially those belonging within the middle class brackets.

Under the guise of a “democratic process,” liberal socialists rob the citizens of their most important gift–their vote. The radical socialists know well that the people would never buy the bogus bag of goods they’re selling.

Most of the world knows exactly what happens when a nation forces socialism on its citizens. The process fails miserably. Worst of all, it fails the largest percentage of people in the population: the middle class.

Logically, when freedom-loving citizens in a democracy see their country being stolen from them, they fight back. The United States witnessed a strong pushback after Joe Biden and the corrupt progressive left worked to manipulate and steal the 2020 presidential election.

But the United States is not the only country where radical socialism is being forced on its citizens. The most recent presidential election in Brazil almost mirrors what happened in the U.S. A crooked left-wing-supported socialist cheated to win a national election.

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva used precisely the same strategy that Joe Biden used. A corrupt mainstream media in Brazil supported Lula the same way Biden was supported in the U.S. When the citizens of Brazil tried to discuss Lula’s corruption, the discussions were silenced.

The comparisons between the two presidential elections should frighten every freedom-loving person in the world. This push for global socialism isn’t just reflective of communist dictatorships such as China, Russia, or North Korea. This is a full-blown attack on personal freedoms.

An elite group of wealthy donors financially supports this push for a global world order. Despite the clear evidence that socialism never works, they continue with their power-hungry agenda. As in the United States, the people do not want it. They are fighting back.

The Brazilians fought back with a vengeance. Thousands of people marched on the Brazilian capital. Angry protesters stormed Lula’s offices and the headquarters of the Congress. They also marched on the Supreme Federal Tribunal (STF).

Reports say that the massive demonstration demolished the facades of two buildings and caused “irreparable” damage to many priceless artifacts inside. But just like in the United States, many in the corrupt mainstream media are falsely accusing the protesters of “insurrection.”

Neither incident, in the U.S. or Brazil, represents an insurrection. However, these angry citizens have one thing in common: they understand democracy and can clearly see what these radical elites are doing. These people know their freedoms are at risk.

Brazilians can witness the suppressive failures caused by oppressive socialism right next door in Venezuela. A global order of corrupt elites is stealing elections to seize power. They are subverting the will of the people. It’s happening in the biggest nations first.

Once freedom is snatched away from the people in these nations, the smaller countries will be easy prey. These tyrants believe they can slowly take control of the world without firing a single shot. That may be the most frightening miscalculation that they’re making.

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