Biden’s Heads To Wisconsin For Speech

On Tuesday afternoon, President Joe Biden gave a speech in Wisconsin to discuss his "investing in America agenda." However, once again, his handlers failed to keep him together long enough to make it through a public speech, as the president struggled with reading the teleprompter.

In his opening remarks, Biden shared a story about how his high school was the only one in Delaware that supported the Green Bay Packers. He went on to say, "Not a joke!" emphasizing the truthfulness of his statement. However, as he continued to tell the tale, it became clear that either his handlers forgot to fill in some information or Biden could not remember it himself.

Biden began to recount a story about a teacher at his high school who was drafted by the Packers and would give students the last period off on Mondays after their victories. However, during the speech, Biden referred to the teacher as "a guy named Riley's last name." This caused confusion and led many to question if Biden had made up the entire story or if he was simply unable to read what was written on the teleprompter.

It is unclear if "Riley last name" is an actual person or just a placeholder text that was left in the speech. This incident is not the first time Biden has struggled with reading the teleprompter, as he had a similar issue at the end of April during a speech at North America's Building Trades Union National Legislative Conference. In that instance, he read aloud a "PAUSE" that was inserted to allow for a planned chant from the audience.

It is also unknown if Biden was a true fan of the Green Bay Packers in high school or if he used to get time off school when they won. This lack of clarity only adds to the confusion surrounding the president's ability to deliver speeches without prompting or aid.

Many have criticized Biden's reliance on the teleprompter and his struggles with it as evidence of his cognitive decline. These concerns have been raised since the beginning of his presidential campaign and continue to be a topic of discussion.

In response to the incident, some have come to Biden's defense, suggesting that the teleprompter is necessary for any public speaker, including presidents, to stay on track and deliver a coherent and well-crafted speech. They argue that this is not unique to Biden and should not be used as a means to undermine his abilities as a leader.

Others, however, have expressed frustration at Biden's apparent reliance on the teleprompter, questioning his ability to lead the country if he cannot read a speech without assistance. This has led to further speculation and concern about the president's mental and physical health.

Ultimately, it is unclear whether the incident was a result of a mistake by Biden's handlers or Biden himself. Still, it has once again brought attention to the president's struggles with public speaking and his reliance on the teleprompter. As the leader of the nation, it is important for Biden to be able to effectively communicate with the public, and the continued issues with the teleprompter only add fuel to the ongoing debate surrounding his abilities.

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