Whistleblower Give More Testimony Before House

A "Whistleblower X" is set to speak before House lawmakers on Wednesday concerning their knowledge of the IRS’s investigations into Hunter Biden’s taxes. Alongside Gary Shapley, the IRS’s leading agent in the investigation, Whistleblower X is expected to divulge information on the Biden family’s alleged influence-peddling abroad and the treatment of Hunter by the Justice Department.

"Whistleblower X" released an opening statement prior to the hearing, where they write that they have “witnessed the corrosion of ethical standards and the abuse of power that threaten our nation” and are aware that they are only “just a part of the story.” They are encouraging accountability and reform rather than blame.

In the statement, "Whistleblower X" reveals that they have worked for the IRS since 2010, and claim that the agency retaliated against them after they sent internal emails to the IRS’s leadership. As such, they believe that the Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss and the DOJ-Tax have their sights on them.

Additionally, they dispute Weiss’s statement that Hunter should only face a misdemeanor charge for tax evasion rather than a felony. They state that “if [Weiss] followed DOJ policy” then Hunter would have faced felony charges, expressing grave concerns that his family’s reputation in Delaware meant that no search warrants were conducted despite probable cause being found.

When speaking on the matter, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin urged the IRS to release Hunter Biden’s tax records, which he argued would provide evidence that the agency is treating taxpayer’s cases consistently and not favoring Biden. However, Secretary Mnuchin also made it clear that he was not involved in the investigation and was merely making a financial call.

Many eyes are upon "Whistleblower X" as they prepare to speak before legislators, and their testimony may prove extremely important in uncovering the truths of how the Biden family was handled by the IRS during their investigation.

The extent of the ethical and abuse of power issues experienced by the IRS can only be truly determined after "Whistleblower X’s" testimonies, and only time will tell if they are ultimately able to shed light on the situation and ensure accountability.

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