Wash Po Op-Ed Prob Just Got The WH Attention

FILE PHOTO: U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell speaks during a press conference in Washington, U.S, June 14, 2023. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque/File Photo

President Joe Biden's involvement in his son Hunter's business dealings has recently been scrutinized by multiple members of the media, including Washington Post columnist Henry Olsen who called for a "complete investigation" of the matter in a recent column.

Recently, former Hunter Biden business associate Devon Archer provided testimony, as well as claims that the president had used different aliases in relation to Ukrainian policy, leading to questions about the extent of Biden's involvement in his son's affairs.

"There’s more than enough evidence to merit a thorough investigation of President Biden’s involvement in his son’s business dealings," Olsen wrote in his column. "One could dismiss this as simply another tawdry example of access-peddling. Maybe that’s all it is. But only a complete investigation can ensure that it’s nothing worse."

Olsen went on to say that, if President Trump and one of his adult children were involved in a similar situation, the outcry from the left would be "deafening."

"We hear a lot these days about the rule of law and the importance of applying it evenhandedly regardless of a person’s political power," Olsen wrote. "That’s correct, of course, which is why Trump’s alleged crimes deserve serious scrutiny even if his indictments are partially motivated by politics. The same logic, though, should apply to Hunter and Joe Biden."

Political commentator Joe Klein also slammed Biden for the potentially "tawdry" and "potentially illegal" behavior he enabled his son to take part in, remarking that it may have "cost [Biden] votes in an election where everything is at stake."

The Washington Post editorial board has also acknowledged that many critics felt Biden was given "special treatment" in the past.

These recent developments have driven people to call for a number of serious investigations into what role, if any at all, President Biden played in his son's business dealings. The president has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing, and it is the responsibility of the Justice Department to determine whether any laws were broken and if charges should be filed. Only a complete investigation into the matter will provide clarity and ultimately help to alleviate any suspicion.

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