Video Shows Graffiti On Campus At Top University

As students at Harvard University return to campus for the start of the spring semester, they will be greeted with a disturbing display of anti-Semitism. Despite hopes that the issue would subside with the start of a new semester, students will arrive to find posters of Israeli hostages desecrated with various anti-Israel messages. The vandalism was captured on video by student Shabbos Kestenbaum, who expressed his dismay over the incident.

The posters, featuring Israeli hostages who have been held captive by Hamas terrorists for over 100 days, were put up by a group of students and pro-Israel Cambridge residents. However, just a few hours later, they were covered in graffiti that accused Israel of being responsible for the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Several posters were also torn down, further adding to the act of vandalism.

In the video, Kestenbaum can be heard saying, “I am a visibly Jewish student and when Jewish students say they don’t feel safe, let alone welcomed, it’s because of actions like this and we have no faith that Harvard will do anything to stop it.” This sentiment echoes the sentiments of many students and community members who have been vocal about the lack of action taken by the university to address the issue of anti-Semitism on campus.

In fact, just earlier this month, a group of students, including Kestenbaum, filed a lawsuit against Harvard, accusing the institution of enabling and even promoting anti-Semitism. The lawsuit cites multiple incidents of mobs occupying campus buildings, promoting violence, and assaulting Jewish students. It also points to incidents involving professors and administrators who have made anti-Semitic statements or taken actions that perpetuate anti-Semitism on campus.

The lawsuit also accuses Harvard of partnering with a Palestinian university that is known to be heavily influenced by Hamas, a terrorist organization. This further highlights the university's disregard for the safety and well-being of Jewish students on campus.

The recent act of vandalism has only added fuel to the fire, with Kestenbaum stating, “It’s clear that Jews are neither welcomed nor safe at Harvard.” He goes on to add, “Harvard should, if it ever decides to, acknowledge this heinous anti-Semitic act and create a plan to combat it, but I do not expect them to do so.”

This sentiment is echoed by a growing number of students and community members who have expressed their disappointment and frustration with the university's lack of action. Despite congressional testimony in which former Harvard president Claudine Gay failed to deliver a strong message against anti-Semitism, the institution has yet to take meaningful steps to address the issue.

As the story continues to gain attention, Harvard University has not yet released a statement or response to the incident. But with mounting evidence and public pressure, it is evident that the university will have to take action to address the issue of anti-Semitism on campus.

In the meantime, the students and community members involved in the lawsuit against Harvard are pushing for change and accountability. They hope that their actions will not only hold the university accountable for its actions but also create a safer and more inclusive environment for all students on campus, regardless of their religion or ethnicity.

Other universities across the country have also been facing similar challenges when it comes to addressing and combatting anti-Semitism on campus. It is clear that this is not just a problem at Harvard, but a larger issue that needs to be addressed in higher education.

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