Unsealed Records Epstein Records Confirm Trump Claim

The recent unsealing of files related to Jeffrey Epstein has shed new light on his notorious connections and activities.

One of the most talked-about aspects of these documents is the revelation that President Donald Trump did not visit Epstein's home or island and had no contact with underage girls. The confirmation of this fact comes from the testimony of witness Johanna Sjoberg, as stated on page 112 of document 1320-12 of the files.

Sjoberg was questioned by Laura Menninger, who asked her if Trump had engaged in any sexual contact with her. Sjoberg promptly replied with a resounding "no," dispelling any doubts or rumors surrounding the President's involvement in the Epstein case. This piece of evidence further highlights the innocence of Trump in this matter, as well as disproving any speculations of his involvement in Epstein's illegal activities.

The previously released documents from the same case, which were made public in 2019, also contain a significant revelation. During the questioning of Virginia Giuffre, a prominent accuser and witness in the Epstein case, Menninger asked her about her interactions with journalist Sharon Churcher. Churcher had previously covered the Epstein case and was subpoenaed for defamation related to her reports. Menninger specifically asked Giuffre if Churcher had reported any inaccuracies about Trump in her stories.

Upon being presented with Churcher's reports, Giuffre clearly indicated that there was something wrong with a particular passage that mentioned Trump. The passage in question stated that Trump had engaged in sexual contact with underage girls but had also flirted with Giuffre. However, Giuffre promptly denied this statement, firmly stating that Trump had never flirted with her. This supports Trump's previous claims of innocence and further adds to the confirmation of his lack of involvement in Epstein's actions.

Giuffre also denied the following sentence in Churcher's report, which stated, "He'd laugh and tell Jeffrey, 'you've got the life.'" She stated that she had not said this to Churcher and that it was not true that Trump had ever made such a comment. This statement further discredits any attempts to implicate Trump in Epstein's wrongdoing and highlights the fallibility of Churcher's reports.

In another important development, it was revealed that Giuffre had never seen Trump and Epstein together. When Menninger asked her if she had ever been present with both men, Giuffre confidently replied with a "no." This firmly establishes the lack of any connections between Trump and Epstein and dispels any notions of them being associates or friends.

Giuffre also stated that she had no recollection of seeing Trump at any of Epstein's properties, including his island, ranch, or New York residence. This statement further emphasizes Trump's complete absence from Epstein's circle, despite previous claims by some that the two shared a close relationship.

This latest development in the Epstein case has put to rest any remaining doubts about Trump's involvement. With the confirmation from Giuffre, who was an active participant in Epstein's activities, there is no evidence to suggest that Trump had any connection to or knowledge of Epstein's illegal activities. The unsealed files have provided a clearer picture of the truth surrounding this scandal and exonerated Trump from any false accusations.

The revelation that Trump did not visit Epstein's home or island and had no contact with underage girls is a significant piece of evidence that definitively absolves the President from any involvement in this case. It also serves as a reminder that in the pursuit of justice, all facts and evidence must be considered before making any accusations. As the investigation into Epstein's actions continues, these newly unsealed files will undoubtedly prove valuable in unraveling the truth and delivering justice to those affected by his heinous crimes.

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