Trump Drops Bombshell Allegation On FBI

Former President Donald Trump reacted to a federal indictment leveled against him on Friday with explosive charges, insinuating on social media that federal agents hadstuffed classified information into evidence after raiding his Mar-a-Lago property.

Trump was hit with 37 counts in a federal indictment unsealed Friday in the Southern District of Florida, including the retention of national defense information and lying to federal investigators.

Speaking in response to the indictment, special counsel Jack Smith assured the public during a press conference on Friday that the former president will geta speedy trial on this matter, consistent with the public interest and the rights of the accused.

Trump countered this statement via social media claiming that his legal team was not allowed to be present when the FBI raided his property for evidence of the crime.

When the FBI raided Mar-a-Lago, they wouldnt let my lawyers or representatives anywhere near them, Trump wrote on social media.They wouldnt tell us what they took. Knowing them, and based on past performance, they probably laterstuffed in other documents. My lawyers had to wait outside, on a very hot day. The FBI took my medical records, birth certificate, and passports, and just about anything else they were able to get their hands on. What a group! They didnt do this to Crooked Joe Biden or Hillary.

The former president went on to add that he was beingtreated unfairly and that the investigation would beone-sided.

Attorney General Garland, Lisa Monaco, Matt Colangelo (now working at the D.As Office toGET TRUMP), Deranged Jack Smith and, of course, Biden himself, who is losing to me in the Polls (by a lot), are all Trump Haters, Trump said.Jack Smiths wife, Katy Chevigny, is the biggest Hater of them all. There is no way they can treat me fairlybut we will win, and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

Trump repeatedly mentioned that Biden wasnot indicted in the criminal investigation into his handling of classified material, while also asserting that he was leading Bidenin the polls by a lot.

However, the investigation involving Biden is ongoing. It is expected to conclude its findings after the 2022 midterm elections.

Political experts differ on the implications of Trumps reaction to the federal indictment. Some believe that his claims of unfair treatment by federal agents represent a dangerous attempt to upend the rule of law. Others suggest that it was simply Trumps way of trying to rally his supporters and garner public sympathy.

The American public is now awaiting the final outcome of the case against former president Donald Trump. Until then, Trump continues to contest the charges and the investigation itself, claiming that it is a biased witch-hunt.

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