Travis Kelce Audio Cut By NFL

Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce had a moment of madness during the Super Bowl, but he may have been luckier than he thought.

Kelce, who was mic'd up for the biggest game of the year, erupted in explosive anger at his coach Andy Reid after being left out of a crucial play. However, during Tuesday's Inside The NFL show, the audio of Kelce's outburst was noticeably missing. Analysts spoke over footage of Kelce slamming his helmet and screaming at Reid, before showing a clip of the two fist-bumping. It seems that Kelce's wish to keep the audio between them has been granted, sparing him potential embarrassment.

The incident occurred in the moments before the Chiefs were in range for their first touchdown of the game against the San Francisco 49ers. Isiah Pacheco fumbled, breaking down the play and leading to Kelce's outburst. Fortunately for Kelce, the end result was a happy one as the Chiefs went on to win the Super Bowl, with Kelce scoring a touchdown of his own. His fairytale season was capped off with his girlfriend, Taylor Swift, cheering him on from the stands.

Kelce, who stands at 6ft 5" and weighs 250 pounds, refused to reveal what he shouted at Reid during the game. He only joked that his mic'd up audio may give it away. However, it seems that his mic may not have recorded the incident after all.

Inside The NFL chose not to release the audio, leaving fans wondering what was said. It was speculated that Kelce's outburst may have been sparked by his determination to play and score, or perhaps frustration with the end result of the play.

After the game, Reid downplayed the incident, saying that Kelce 'keeps him young.' He explained that Kelce was just eager to get back on the field and make a difference in the game. He also joked that Kelce tested his hip, as he struggled to maintain his balance when Kelce approached him. However, his comments raise questions as to why the audio didn't surface if it was just a simple plea to play. This is not the first time that Kelce has appeared to get physical with Reid, as he did so during a loss to the Las Vegas Raiders on Christmas Day.

In his post-game interview, Kelce composed himself and spoke highly of his coach, calling him 'the greatest coach this game has ever seen.' He praised Reid for his leadership abilities and for helping him channel his emotions on the field.

Kelce also acknowledged that he owes his entire career to Reid and is grateful for his mentorship. The star tight end will certainly have a lot to talk about on his own podcast, New Heights, which is released during the NFL season. It remains to be seen if he will address the incident with Reid on the show.

On Tuesday, Kelce received support from seven-time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady, who also had some intense moments with coaches during his playing career. Brady, on his Let's Go podcast, advised people to let emotions during the game fly off their backs.

He praised Reid for how he handled the situation, saying that he was off balance and that Kelce's competitiveness can sometimes get the best of him. The quarterback also commended Reid's leadership abilities and how he handled the situation with maturity.

As the Chiefs celebrate their victory with a Super Bowl parade in Kansas City on Wednesday, Kelce will no doubt bask in the glory of his win with his brother, Jason. However, the fallout from his outburst and the decision not to release the audio will continue to be a topic of discussion. Fans and analysts will speculate on what Kelce said and why the audio was not released. Meanwhile, Kelce will continue to applaud his coach and their Super Bowl-winning season, without any added embarrassment from his outburst.

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