‘Strong Epstein Vibes’: Jamie Lee Curtis Posts Then Deletes Photo Showing Undressed Child Stuffed In A Box Artwork


Jamie Lee Curtis recently sparked controversy when she posted a photo of her office on her Instagram account, one that featured artwork depicting a disturbing scene...a naked child stuffed into a box. After a wave of backlash, Curtis deleted the post, which contained an image of the Pollack chairs she had acquired for her office and which she had mentioned in one of the SAG panels for her movie Everything Everywhere.

The artwork hanging on the wall was identified as "The Tub" (2003) by artist Betsy Schneider. It features an unsettling image of a child in what appears to be a wooden crate, with its limbs contorted in disturbing angles and its face barely visible through the cracks between the boxes. The piece is one of many controversial works by Schneider, who is known for creating art involving children in various states, from being smeared with blood or holding objects whose meanings are sometimes hard to discern.

The social media storm surrounding Curtis' post comes at a time when fashion giant Balenciaga has recently been forced to apologize for their own misstep after their ad campaign featuring children holding teddy bears wearing bondage-style clothing caused an uproar among users. A second Balenciaga campaign also made headlines after it featured work from Belgian artist Michael Borremans, who is renowned for his art involving naked children being covered in blood or maimed in some way.

In light of these events, Jamie Lee Curtis' post has raised serious questions regarding why such images were displayed in her office and how they were allowed to reach social media audiences without any form of vetting or censorship beforehand. This incident serves as yet another reminder that people should use caution when posting photos online, especially those containing content that could be considered inappropriate or offensive by some viewers. But even still...what the heck is she thinking having art like this?

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